Thursday, April 20, 2017

Once, Twice, Three Times a Bag Lady & Project Calm

I panicked when I thought all the circle bags were no more. The bagger pulled out crisp new plain old WFM bags and I gasped. The cashier asked if everything was okay so I smiled and nodded; JC paid for our purchases and we left. I looked at each register as we passed, and sadly, so sadly, there was nary a circle bag in sight. One exhale, two exhales, three. Everything was all right. I just had to ration the bags in my stash.

Then JC brought home this envelope. I just knew it had my heel lifts from Amazon were inside, until I realized the shape wasn't right. I turned it over. Jean! What could it be???

Three bags!!! Circle bags! Jean, Jean. Oh, Jean! You made my heart zing! Thank you. JC thanks you. Minuet would thank you if she could. JC emptied two of his personal bags and gave them to me. They were double bagged! You started something. *grin* Thank you so much. I have a slight addiction to these bags. I still have the blue bees from the previous bag campaign. Buzzz!  The fact that WFM employs graphic designers for their good paper paper bags makes my heart sing (off key but still). The company encourages customers to recycle their re-cycled bags, or as I like to think, to "tri-cycle 'em." They give you a head start for art, for mercy's sake! And who doesn't like a circle? Huh? Each bag holds its own next life; you just have to free it up. So, although I have watched the sun rise for four mornings in a row, I'm not stressing (not much), because instead of angst-ing over insomnia, I'm working through the symptoms. No Ambien to the rescue. The pharmacy doesn't have it, can't get it, and have no idea if they will again, so it's been a cold turkey sandwich kind of life here. And I don't eat turkey. I have a Jean though, and I am grateful for her, and for all my good pen friends. Thanks, y'all. In case you are tired of me and these bags . . . Well, just hold on.

Seven gypsies went up a hill . . .

Old goodies never lose their purpose. I bought these awhile ago for a sewing project. Hoarders hoard with purpose.

Materials used:  Gold metallic embroidery thread, three tassels, bits of felt for leaves, good old Lineco glue, an awl, one circle, and everything turns into flowers! Oh. And a tapestry needle.

Power words. A handmade flower stamp. Bag handles made great hinges.

Secrets belong in secret places. 

Viewing Instructions:
Remember this: Whatever falls off wasn't meant to be there, avoid pulling any leftover strings, carefully examine everything!

It all fit.

Project Calm: Mindfulness Through Making is another paper crafter magazine with surprises. 

This turns into . . .

. . . this . . .

. . . and this! Have you ever made one? Will you try if I make one and show you how? 


  1. I love how good Jean is at feeding mail/envelope artists' addictions... and she always does it in the nicest way.

  2. I love the flower with the tassles, but everything you made is really cool. I never thought of whole foods using graphic artists for the design of their bags. I like them even more now. How would you rate the magazine? If you make it, and give directions, I will give it a try.😊

  3. I have no idea what a circle bag is but I do love Project Calm.

  4. great post that was awesome as always . we had to get a lawnmower the old one was crapped out it is always something is it not ? Oh well I think the remodel in the kitchen went well . My tomato plants already getting flower blooms so I will have early tomatoes this year good and have a great day .