Saturday, April 29, 2017

Not So Mellow Yellow Minion Mail

Tell me you are just as guilty of this as am I. You write future posts. You forget to post. Or you schedule posts and they misfire. Forty-four drafts. Imagine that. What's a blogger to do? She makes do, rescue, and tells on herself. So here we go.

If I've told you these things before . . . Well, redundancy has its merits. Perhaps I'll remember something new this time around. You see, back on August 10th of 2016, Angela the Lovely wrote to me. 

She made the notecard herself. Isn't it lovely, made from . . . one of the three guys above. Oh, Minions! Lovely yellow fellas. Minions! I like Minions. Who knew the French could be so funny? Okay, who knew they'd be funnier than the Frenchman I dated once upon a time here in Texas? He thought my best friend looked after us all the Big Bird did everyone on Sesame Street. I took to calling her that thereafter. She was taller than everyone else, and she had a pointy nose like BB's. She was nosy too; if you wanted to know the latest gossip, you just asked BB. We took her curiosity about everyone as a sign of her caring. Most of the time you didn't even have to inquire about why a co-worker was absent, why someone needed a particular day off, or who was dating whom. BB was forthcoming no matter what.

One day someone stole all my laundry from the laundry room. I was left without underwear for work the next day. BB gave me new panties. They had poems and lovely scenes silkscreened on the rear. My yenta was kind despite being a yenta. and a good best friend. I miss her sometimes. 

Minions. I bought their last movie, watched it in secret, and kept it secret for awhile. I bought five of their little books; I gave them away under pretense after I'd read them; as in "they were meant for Alex and others all along." A chance mention to Angela revealed that I was not alone in my fondness, so I broke out the stickers and it was on! 

One day there was Minion Mail!

There were envelope front and back Minions! Do you have a favorite? Kevin? Stuart? Bob? They're so funny I don't even mind the mania. You'll never guess there name of my favorite yellow not-so-mellow dude. 

Address labels!

"I try harder." It trumps Blumock any day, right?

You can tell that he does, huh?

And yes, there are pencils. Hard hugs just for you, Angela! Thank you in bunches.

Looks like Bob wrote that. He laughed at the very idea. If he did write, it would be a letter. Or graffiti. Or yellow mail instead of blackmail. He'd do lots and lots of Post-it Notes too. His letters would be on banana yellow stationery though, written with yellow ink, and there would be an appropriate shade of yellow postage stamps to match his number two yellow pencil. 

They have a new movie in the works. Yeah!  

Tic Tacs! How could I forget the Tic Tacs???


  1. I love minions, too. How could you not smile at them and their antics? And even better to see them on mail.

    1. Then you are a lovely mellow yellow fellow too! :) They make me laugh. I even giggle.

      I had to stop shopping at Target for a long time. I bought too much Minion matter! Too bad I didn't buy more before the self-ban went into effect. :( Wait! There's the new movie coming out. :)