Tuesday, April 4, 2017

May the Circle Be Unbroken

I'm still "bagging" it in my neck of the world, wondering how many ways I can use the WFM bag's graphics without repeating, all the while editing and embellishing--pushing the imaginary envelope, since I haven't come to creating that part yet, and being pleased with my simplistic approaches. It's like the sculptor once said about how the Davids are already there in the marble just waiting to have the extraneous bits chipped away so they can reveal themselves. The designs are copyrighted as of 2016, so I'd been courting them subconsciously for awhile now. I only saved the lovely snowflakes from the winter bags although I did use some of the blue bees; no way could I let so many circles go to waste. Please bear with me while I indulge. 

DUBL LIFE. Does this mean my recycling efforts make it a TREBL LIFE?  *grin* There was a time when we'd have used these bags for our text book covers. I preferred grocery bags to the book covers we could buy in the school commissary; they were made of the same paper but sported our school mascot instead. Which reminds me! JC brought me a lovely wood smoke smelling bag from a "pit" stop on his way back from Oklahoma City last weekend  I'll share it with you soon. Goodness, but there seems to be a lot to share lately! May the circle be unbroken.

This was meant to be a simple, "Oh, I forgot to mention how valuable the WFM bag handles are!" But I am too long-winded for that, and show-and-tell allows me show and tell you how easy bagging it really is. I also get to tell you how I drove myself to the book store today. I sure did! JC had a doctor's appointment, and I figured it was now or later. I went for now, and I'm glad I chose today to let the sun dry my wings, because I got to see one of my favorite booksellers, Pam! It's been awhile 'cause she had major surgery, and was out recovering; she also has a new grand, a lovely baby girl who's so adorable I want one too! We made a tentative date to meet up real soon. I'll tell you more about the other in-the-book-store-stuff tomorrow. I spent time in the coffee shop sipping a chai tea while I read the intro to my new book.

There was mail! A lovely penciled letter from a lovely woman whose hand looked so different in graphite that I was stumped because I didn't recognize the style. Pencil certainly brings out a different part of our personalities. It's amazing.  I'll share the experience with you tomorrow. "She" told me such a heart-melting story about the pencil she used, and about friendship and emotions that mark us for life. It's special and endearing, and worthy of being retold in print in a book like the special one I bought. And let me tell you . . . I only bought a single book today, which means I broke my promise not to buy another book until I'd finished three of the five I've started. But it is so worth my lapse. This is a book of "true stories about facing the unknown," and the first story comes from the author of a book Phonelady gave me! I must stop here before I give away the plot for tomorrow's post. I can hardly wait. But since I must . . . 

What a shame craftsmanship is lacking here, and in every other bag WFM pays for. They're made in the USA too. The store wastes money on these messes. Far too often a single bag rips before the sacker bags your purchases, has to start over, and two bags are often necessary when one should do. They still beat plastic 100 percent, but the handles serve a repurposed purpose too. I'm able to use almost every part of each bag. It's a little like using every part of a butchered pig: from the snout to the tail, and even the oink and the bladder. Did you know a hog's bladder was sometimes used as a ball for children back in the olden days? Don't even wonder how I know this.

The R is missing in Rain forest, the T is barely legible . . . and the E is missing in Alliance. On to the handles:  I cut and folded a two-inch section from one handle, glued both ends together, then glued the piece to the serrated section to hold a many-folded message, and tucked it in place behind the little green frog.

See? Well, I can't show you the message!

Endless circles. May the circle forever be unbroken.The doily has a lovely something tucked inside too. It's reminiscent of the hankies ladies used to have tucked up a sleeve. I guess that's where "What's he got up his sleeve?" comes from, huh? Clever Darcy had a blade tucked up his in "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." Can't believe I watched that and confessed that I did. I'm sorry. I watched it twice

JC accidentally discovered the waxed paper that mysteriously disappeared upstairs. I didn't even try to explain. It's a long shameful story, but let me tell you:  Waxed paper is a handy tool when you need to glue stuff, separate pages, or . . . for whatever comes to mind. I'd use it for stationery if I could find a stylus thin enough and if I could write with it and not burn myself. 

This creation has taken a week to blossom. I had no idea who it was for either. Then suddenly I just knew. It came to me late last night when I believed it was complete. It knew all along. And another thing. If you ever need tiny tiny flowers, go with lentil blossoms. There's a story behind this too. 


  1. How do you get a lentil to blossom?

    1. Keep an eye on your mail box. Detailed instructions and a little story headed your way. LOL.Thanks for asking. It never occurred to me that lentil flowers might not be the norm. :)

  2. So inspiring! And suspenseful...I'm so looking forward to your next blog posts! I'd even like to hear more about the lentil blossoms! Do you grow lentils? For flowers or for eating? I love to cook with lentils but have never grown them. Wishing you a lovely day today!

    1. Oh shucks! I should have read comments before posting. LOL. I promise to post the lentil story tomorrow. It never occurred to me that the lovely little flowers might not be common. You are in for a treat.

      I like lentil soup and lentil stew! This is so funny. Your questions made me laugh. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. I have pictures! Wow. The things I take for granted. Thanks for asking.

      Thanks for the lovely wishes! I had an amazing day. I even took more photos of the tiny lentil flowers.

      Bingo! Just found your address. I've looked for several years.

      Hope your tomorrow is even better than you can imagine. :)

      Be well.

  3. Well now see I think there is a story behind everything you do like me . I'm so glad you found the author of one of the books I sent you . I hope you enjoy them . Now alas I must confess all of my tomatoe seedling died so now I have to go and get some tomatoe plants from home depot or lowes or wherever . we are supposed to get terrible storms today and I hope you all have been having pleasant spring weather . Us mostly rain but that is okay cause all 6 of my plant beds will do well yes that is right 6 . I added another one this year in the back yard . Backyards are so dull unless you do something with them don't you think ? oh well take care dear and stay well and thanks for an excellent post .

    1. Kinship! I bought the book because I needed it, right? I need to slow down and savor the stories though.

      I'm sorry you lost your tomato plant. My raised bed needs to be replenished but soil isn't soil any more. It's ground up debris mixed with sand and God only knows what else. Our soil is more clay than anything so I try for indigenous flowers and trees; only cherry tomatoes do well in our backyard. I do like a warm tomato sandwich and miss them so much. I don't know the last time I've eaten a tomato.

      Our weather is behaving out of character but I'm enjoying the sun and cool to cold winds. A lone iris finally bloomed! Yay! I wouldn't mind six beds! I'm proud of you, girl. I agree with you about a dull back yard. LOL.

      Glad you like the post. I miss my mark as often as I hit the bull's eye. Reading the blogs I follow is a gift that keeps on giving.

      Be well. I promise to write soon. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank you. What a beautiful dog you have.

    I'm a tea-totaler myself. My total is limited to two cups per day. :)

    Thanks for commenting. Be well.

    1. I do believe they call that breed of dog an Australian cattle dog .

    2. Yes, thanks. We had a friend who adopted one. :) I'd like one if I had youngsters. LOL.