Monday, April 10, 2017

Kerry Gold

Such a lovely ribbon. It's soft and napped and begs to be stroked--like a new puppy.

Surprises always come when you need them the most, and when you least expect it. And so it was on Saturday when JC delivered the day's mail to me on the patio. I spend more time outside than anywhere else because it's Spring. Our back yard is my real living room now. I rearrange the table and chairs, the clay and glazed pots as if company's coming, while dust settles on pretty pieces in our indoor living room. Housekeeping will keep. It always does. It's not going anywhere, while Spring is fleeting. Dirty fingernails and pants hemlines, bugs and willow flowers in my hair, curious little specimen collections . . . have become routine parts of each and every day. I'm happy.

Then  great mail comes and ups the happiness ante! Such occurrences increase one's life expectancy by ten percent, meaning I must live ten percent longer because I have a whole lot of mail to answer. Oh, yeah! Buying a stockpile of stamps is a clear indicator that the purchaser intends to stick around  awhile longer; this is something doctors should know. Add new pencils to the mix and I might live to be an . . . What comes after octogenarian? Yeah, right. Can you imagine me sending greeting cards from heaven, or flaming postcards from hell? What's in between? Hmm. No, I take it back. Let's not imagine either, and write on from this side of reality. 

So. JC gave me a package shaped like there had to be a bar of Toblerone Swiss chocolate inside; only the box was too long. That didn't stop me from grinning so hard the wind dried my molars! And then I saw the address label. From Kerry! I sat up straight, put both feet on the floor so JC could have the other chair, and I pored over the wrapping like it was the last thing I'd see before my final sight exam. Kerry and Jean are the only two people who write to me with such perfect tiny daintiness; their lines are impossibly slender and strong, bold and coy, and just right to pull you into their creation for the closest look-see possible. Thank you Jean for using red! The lines remind me of barbed wire and shark teeth. The stamp? Well, mail art has heart!

JC loaned me his Swiss Army Knife, warned me I'd surely cut myself if I didn't cut away from my thumb, and watched with interest as I set about safely freeing what lay within. Some people just don't understand how easy it is to open a package when you intend to keep the wrapping. Our back yard is just as colorful with the pomegranates, trees, irises, the old fence, blue skies and magnificent clouds. A part of the calendar page has a place in my journal. Thanks for the colorful wrap, Kerry. It's a golden bonus you clever woman, you.

Where did you find "wood" paper? It's perfect. The ties are the same color as the pencils! Your personality is reflected in the details. *grin* I've read your enclosure so many times I should know it by heart. It's fun and . . . It's pure Kerry Gold. Thank you. What a way to tell me about each pencil. Mrs. Duffy described sharpening her pencil, and how the graphite was wobbly and loose as a result. She described its character so well I saw it in my mind's eye. 

The Ninja pencils are just as you described. I want to use them and save them at the same time, but I know that I cannot have my pencil and use it too. The great debate is whether I should write with them first or draw something quick and clever. Hmm. Wish I'd followed through on learning Kanji back when I had the chance. I like this though:

"Everybody was kung-fu writing,
Those words were fast as lightning . . .
In fact it was a little bit frightening,
But they wrote with expert timing . . ."

Pure rhyme gold! 

. . . to be continued


  1. Oh do be careful my dear with those last words you are showing your age . LOL . I do it all the time . One night I was sitting in the living room this was years ago mind you when the kids were still little , I was watching an old episode of ed Sullivan and I was naming off all the bands and my son turns around and asks me :God mom how old are you ? LOL . I almost fell off my seat laughing . It was fun and left me with a good memory . Lovely post as usual and it is always nice to get nice and happy mail and enjoy your patio. It is nice to sit out on my deck and enjoy my coffee I'm right there with you .Stay well , be good and enjoy life .

  2. LOL and thanks. That's like letting my petticoat slip. Do you ever write from your deck? Morning and evening are best for letter writing.

    Be well.

  3. Yay! You were in the exact place I wanted you to be when you opened my garden wrapping paper! It was a super duper fun one to create!

    1. It's that ESP thing at work. :) Thank you so much. You're so creative and you make receiving gifts so special. An impressionist painting of a ballerina was my first work to hang in the student gallery. Monet made me swoon. LOL.

  4. Replies
    1. It's all so lovely and Springish and just the right color. It's all just right, even down to the stamp.

  5. PPS...when I was in Ireland I just loved seeing 'Kerry Gold' on everything! Then when we went to the County of Kerry, we learned it's actually a Kingdom! Kerry, Kerry, Kerry was written everywhere! Pretty exciting for a girl who NEVER found her name on all those products which had personalized names on them like door plaques, mugs etc.

    1. Live and learn! I just Googled Kerry Ireland and learned a lot. You live up to your name. You are a kingdom unto yourself. :) And you create some of the sweetest denizens ever. Good for you, but I can relate. My name never appears on such merchandise either. I have a mug with Bob on it. :) You have an entire kingdom! :)