Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

An Easter Link:  Naturally Dyed Eggs

It's never too late to try something new. While we did not boil or dye a single egg-heck, we didn't even eat one--I wish I'd done the dyeing this way when Erin still believed in the Easter Bunny. I don't think she ever believed. Because I'm late with the eggs and hot cross buns, I will dye eggs tomorrow as an act of atonement. Okay, I'll do it because I want to try these along with a special flower plant that stains fingers a lovely shade of beet. It's funny how some things happen out of the blue so to speak; I plucked a damaged leaf from a clay pot on the patio this afternoon, and it stained my fingertips. My immediate wonder was if it might make a lovely ink.  Tonight I see as egg shell dye. But, wouldn't it be lovely not to have to dye eggs at all? Wouldn't it be a wonder to own different breeds of chickens that  lay different colored eggs? 

I've never baked hot cross buns, but sure wish I had. With currants. Except they look like little bugs in the photos I just sneaked a peek at. No matter--I'd eat them with my eyes closed.

I missed having a slice of coconut cake for dessert this Easter. Coconut cake is a dyed in the wool Armstrong family tradition. Aunt Hazel always used fresh coconut, but grating enough for a two layer cake was a knuckle-scraping chore that required lots of muscle. Bakers Coconut works just as well these days, but back when I was a girl, simply opening a coconut was a big deal. It required a clean new nail, a hammer, an accurate aim, a drinking glass, and patience. 

The nail had to be hammered home in just the right place without cracking the shell. I was such a goose back then that watching the pale milk that slowly-slowly-oh-so-slowly dripped and dribbled into the clean glass never failed to trick me into believing it tasted as delicious as it smelled, no matter how many times I'd tried it before. No one drank it. No one liked it which is the only reason they let me have it. Being rewarded with a small piece of the nut meat made up for the disappointment. It took forever to chew it! Aunt Pauline said it made your teeth whiter. 

If memory still serves me well, the shredded coconut topped delicious boiled icing . . . Today's bakers use cream cheese frosting with too much powdered confectioner's sugar instead. Dinner was almost always poultry with cornbread dressing, potato salad, ham, at least two types of greens, cornbread gravy, . . . I'm forgetting something I'm sure. 

I read that certain religions cooked ham to stick it to none-pork eaters, while another group ate lamb because the lamb represents the lamb slain on the cross--thereby sticking it to the other group. All I knew was this:  Our family ate well with no disrespect to anyone. Spring always began with the first big dinner of the year. New Year's Day feasts paled in comparison. And then there was cake. Coconut cake! Light, fluffy, white layer cake topped with frosted peaks topped with spikes of fresh coconut! I tried to make my slice last longer than anyone else. It was my own little piece of heaven. Then came the day when eating lamb smacked of cannibalism. Eww! Oops! Eww? Listen to why your children make certain dietary choices and you'll understand them better. *grin*

Today's menu was herbed roast leg of lamb, asparagus, brown rice, gravy . . . tea, and no dessert. *sigh* Coconut cake, anyone? Someone? Who baked a cake? Red velvet? Callin' all Southerners!

Hope you had a lovely Easter, Arbor Day, Beltane, Chinese New Year, Green Week, Imbolc, Super-calia, May Day, Nowruz, Ostara, Pentacost, Setsubun, Sham el-Nessim, Spring Day, Whitsun . . .


  1. I did not bake a cake either sort of a waiste to do so since my husband does not eat cake nor does he like coconut . His mother spoiled him never made him try anything different . I wonder if mothers realize what they are doing when they don't introduce their children to different food and different things . His mother made potatoes everything but never anything green , she did not like vegetables so she never made her kids eat any . I happen to think that is pretty bad . Well anyways I had a nice easter I rearranged my living room and got some tables made and painted .So all in all had a productive easter .

    1. Wow. What's not to like about cake? :) I learned early on to eat what we were given or suffer the consequences. Yes, I fell asleep at the dinner table because I hated rice, green peas, and gravy, meat . . . and my parents were determined to force me to eat foods I hated. And yes, I dang near starved. LOL.

      I'm glad you had a nice Easter. A holiday is meant to be enjoyed any way you choose. You made tables??? Where are the photos? Do show!

  2. I tried boiled frosting for the first time - recently - and it is fantastic - assuming you mean the kind with boiled milk, flour, butter, granulated sugar, salt and vanilla. I can't figure out why it isn't more popular. I also made the mistake of using only one stick of butter, instead of the two that the recipe called for and it turned out great. So, I'm not even sure what the full cup of butter would have tasted like. I might have invented a new version with half the butter, which is probably OK with a lot of people.

    1. My boiled icing is egg whites and Karo syrup and stuff. I've never had frosting made with flour. Do you have a recipe? Re-invention bolsters the first invention. :)