Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Sage Old Adage, Sequins, and Glue

"Cultivating Thought" is from an old Chipotle bag--their Authors series. I saved the brown ink quote from the side panel, " We all, at some point, grow old and acquire other qualities, and these can always be turned to good advantage."  -Paulo Coelho

The old adage, "Measure twice, cut once," is still sound advice, and that is why it is an adage and not a cliche. "Shoot twice, glue once," is just as sound, and it's another reason man invented the smart phone. LINECO adhesive and sequins are so compatible it's almost scary. Once they make contact though it's a fight to disconnect the two. So if you're gluing sequins, do a dry run first, take photographs, have a look-see from a different perspective. When you're sure--it's smooth sailing. In the end a mistake is a mistake only if you say it is.

So. I set out to tell a story about 7gypsies. What's a letter but parts of your story? Thinking I had it "in the bag," I set to work telling it for someone special. Have you ever set out to create one thing, only to have it morph into something totally different for someone else? Old bags have good qualities that can be turned to good advantage. Yes?


  1. oh yes the old bags have to stick together LOL , sorry I could not resist . Have a wonderful weekend and day . take care and be well . Great post .

    1. I do enjoy your quick wit. LOL. Bag ladies unite, huh?

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Sometimes, I need to measure more than twice! I often have things morph...well, almost always. :) Had to look up Lineco adhesive as I wasn't familiar with it. Another thing to add to the supply list.

    Looks like you are having some circular fun!

    1. I do too. :) Oh, good! I like "almost always." I was never good at doing thumb nails in art school. I pretty much followed where ideas led. A few ended up in dead ends.

      Lineco never lets me down and it holds unlike any other glue . . . Sorry. It holds unlike any other "adhesive" I've ever bought. :D Hope you'll like it.

      Circle fun indeed. I cannot waste the head start WFM hands out each time I buy food for our bodies. Woman does not live on food alone. :) When I can't sleep I get a bag, scissors, glue, and whatever else comes to mind, and before I know it, insomnia doesn't feel like such a brute.