Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Mellow Yellow Lettah

. . . is a sure sign of Spring. So I used all the yellow I had on hand. And it had to be within reaching distance. This is as close as I could get to sending sunshine in the mail. All hail the mail!

The USPS gave me a heads up. The succulents are on their way! Oh, Happy Day!

Yes, I still Flow. So far I've walked away from a single edition. 

There's almost always something new and exciting to try or explore. I wish the pages were watercolor worthy. I do have some fine specimens though, so this will do just fine for now.

This is one of my favorite things about Flow Magazine. You get to sign your name in each copy. If that's not personal I don't know what is. I wouldn't mind having these tiles in my living space. Strictly new though. Aren't they lovely?

Further evidence of spring! Flowers are popping up all over the place.

I'm not sure about this. The only thing I can control is my self. Or can you think of something else?

I'll share a clever little thing with you in the next post. It has such potential


  1. Someone once told me that you can only control your actions and your thoughts.

    1. Thank you.

      Do you think it's true? I do. We also control our reactions. Sometimes that's the most difficult one to get under control.

      I appreciate your response.

  2. I still have a few of the comic strip stamps left! I need to see if I can order more because they make me smile.And my succulents are on the way, too. :) Have to agree that nothing much is under control, but I find it difficult to relax.

    1. I forget where I bought them! I've pinched off them for months. Will you let me know where you find them?

      May our stamps arrive on the same day. :)

      I learned that one must practice relaxation just as we practice most things we learn. I hope you learn how to do just that in your own good time. :)

      Thanks for your response.