Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sunday Satisfaction

The wild collards have bolted and it's only March. The pretty yellow flowers more than make up for  their acting like uncultivated weeds. I mean it's not like they didn't have their own space. Oh. Wait. These beauties bloom all day. Will I eat them? No way. Mow 'em under, man who mows.

More "weeds." Now, these I'm still fighting for. "The man who mows" threatens to mow the back south forty any day now. A neighbor behind us mowed Saturday. Aren't these too pretty to be cut down? The little star at their center repeats the petal pattern, making them double adorable.  Such sweetness comes for free. 

It drizzled most of the day. Not even drizzled, since there was enough space between raindrops to slip through them sideways. I should have done just that. But you know the kind of rain that does little more than annoy, because you want more, but you're still grateful for. Such rain still gets your camera wet, so you stay indoors, pining in front of windows until your inner mom points upstairs to your artist stuff. And you run to get there!

Another "penciled in" piece of postal fodder. Mailed by JC.  Krazy Kat bothered me when I was a kid. How can a cat be in love with a mouse? Wikipedia says it ran from 1913 to 1944, but I disagree. I read some of those comics in Grit, and watched the 'toons when we vacationed in Dallas. Dallas always had the best cartoons, and my cousins totally ignored them. I can't say that I really blame them for not wanting to see a rat hit a cat on the head with a brick, but I thought animation was so cool I wanted to be one when I grew up. I didn't now there was such a word as "animator;" I just wanted to draw cartoons. Did you know that post haste means speedily, hastily, simply fast? I wonder if the postal clerks had "post haste" stamps? Pigeon mail? By hot air? Never mind. I came across that bit of postal trivia in a sketch pad and thought I'd use it to fill in post space on a rainy day. And here you have it.

Yep. Good old Derwent Sketching 4B again.

And, I finished what has to be one of my favorite books! Okay, they're like children. I favor each one I'm busy birthing at the moment. I threw in a Ticonderoga pencil to go with. The paper inside has a serious crush on pencils. Mmm-hmm.The accompanying note is written with one. *grin*

Moire was one of my favorite fabrics back in the day when I sewed most of my clothing and sold fabric and notions for Weiner's Department Store. I was there long enough to become department head. I was a full time college student too, so naturally moire ribbon still turns me on. Too bad I glued the wrong side, and there's a glue spot I cannot remove now that the ribbon is permanently fixed in place. It's shaped like a tiny heart. That adds character, huh? That trim is so much prettier in person. It all came together like a dream come true though.

I couldn't go out and play, but I had more than enough fun indoors. Being home alone meant I didn't pester JC no interruptions. Minuet was quiet all day long; she slept. JC said it's because she likes rainy days too. Sundays aren't just for sermons.


Sundays are good for stuffing handmade books with goodies once the glue dries. Goodies, front and back. Flow came through again. I found everything I needed without wasting time. Thank goodness for shelves and storage containers. Organization is a miracle worker. I spent less time looking for stuff, therefore I had more time to create! Sundays are always soft and slow and unscheduled. Amen.


The End.


  1. Oooh, another beautiful book. I think the paper and binding compliment each other very nicely. I'm still trying to make something worth showing. I'm all thumbs these days. I'm not defeated, I'll keep trying.

    1. Thank you, sweet Anna. I have yards of fun ribbons and trimmings left over from old sewing projects that need use. Some pair well with my paper stashes. Silly books are fun too. I found my perforator, so game on!

      Not everything I make is perfect, but handmade is all the more precious when there are imperfections. I understand what you said though. Defeat is not what we walk on, so we try again until we get it right. Right on, girl!