Sunday, March 5, 2017

It rained again today. Today is Sunday. Yesterday was Saturday. It felt like Sunday. I said it was Sunday. Believed it wholeheartedly, and none of my "friends" took me aside to correct me. Thank you, y'all. Patty is the only friend who's ever let me know when I acted like the emperor. It was the day my addition didn't quite add up. Now that's what a friend does. *grin* 

It rained so annoyingly--again, my rooster laid an egg out of boredom. Or was it an egg and two rocks? My outside avian friends were just as unimpressed with this desultory show of rain drops that they showed up for dinner like the sun was in full shine. The juveniles are never wary of humans and will practically eat while you scatter. I can almost reach out and touch. I guess it takes at least one feather-raising experience before they learn to be wary of humans. Sadly.

Here's another pencil. What? You were hoping I was done? This is my lithographic pencil. Why I own one is beyond me. It's been used. Such a head scratcher. I must be getting old.

I rescued a fly from drowning the other day. It was the day before the first rain. I let it grab hold of a fallen twig I picked up from the willow. It landed in the grass. The fly. Not the twig. Here's hoping I didn't step on it! And what if its fate was death by drowning? Had I interfered? I don't even like flies, but they're necessary for our ecosystem. Must they contribute in such a gross fashion though? Never mind.

I really should hang my calendar. If it has a place near my desk it might help keep track of which day I'm using up, but I doubt it. The other day, after I wrote about pencil and paper being better than Evernote, "they" send an e-mail with tips on how clever I'd be if I used their app instead. Big Sister is everywhere, huh? 

This was meant to be my day off from letters but I discovered this lovely in the back of my desk drawer. It was stuck. There's no way to tell if I answered it before or after it dried, but I don't mind answering again, just in case. I wonder if I write the same thing in response to the same letter when I accidentally repeat. Hmm. I suppose there's no way to know, but since this one showed up exactly one year to the date, it deserves another reply. 

Such a sweet envelope, huh? Red polka dots. Bunting. What's not to like since it came with my name and address on front, and has some of my favorite colors? Red, white, and black. Black, white, and red? Never mind. There's no rhyme or reason to that thought. So, here's to a year old letter! May all your mail stay dry. But if it gets wet, hang it high. Don't ask how. Thank you, dear LR. I'm so sorry if I didn't answer because your lovely letter went MIA by accident. I finally remember how it came to need a good drying out. Shame on me! 

Write on everyone. I'm catching up.


  1. It's raining here too but I don't mind. I got my laundry dry first so it can rain all night now! I like your rooster. I bet he is gorgeous when the sun shines on him. We have a green chicken dish that is quite similar packed away here somewhere. One day I will get to unpack. What a luxury that will be!

    1. I love rain, rainy days, storms, but not floods. There's rain today as well--piddling rain is pitiful rain, but I'm not complaining. Any moisture is embraced with open arms. I don't even bother with umbrellas or boots when I visit the outback on days like these. There hasn't been enough rain to bother with all that. Glad you got your laundry done.

      Big Red, is so cool. I finally found him a mate. He's so infatuated he'd lay all the eggs to save her the bother, if he could. Yes, when the sun strikes his good side he lights up like he's the pride of the south. LOL. I know what it is like not to unpack. We're in this house for over a decade and still have boxes in storage from our lives in other states. We need more room. :) Someday.

  2. oh you ladies , can I say I unpacked the three days I was first in this house and I love this house .did I tell you the neighbors whose kids used to like to ride their bikes in my yard are gone ? and their sweet dog went with them and I shall miss him because I said good morning to him every morning and was rewarded with a tail wag . It seems as though their father made a habit of visiting the local jail quite often . But of all I will miss their dog the most . He was a good soul if one thing can be said of a dog .. now limner are you going to move to a bigger house or just add on to the exsisting house ? food for thought . LOL .

    1. Three? I'm still unpacking and it's been over ten years since I started. Vagabonds have a lot of baggage. Women vagabonds have a whole lot of baggage. :) I accumulated several lifetimes of stuff during my roaming years, although I kept only the best each time I moved.

      Tail waggers will get you every time! Those poor children. The poor father too. I hope he wasn't like Otis on The Andy Griffith Show. Otis was better looking when he was in need of a shave. LOL.

      I'd like a bigger house with less stuff. :) The only way to add on would mean losing part of our large back yard. I'd never make it up a third story! LOL.So I'll just keep on deleting stuff from my life. Right?