Wednesday, March 1, 2017

All In a Day's Mail

Last night ten pieces of mail went on the rail, ready for today's mail run. Thank you, JC. Five of those were written in pencil. Yeah! It's taking some getting used to, but my Derwent Sketch pencil makes it so much easier. The graphite glides across paper like a pat of butter does on a hot skillet. 

"Brighten someone's mailbox." Send a greeting card, suggests the receipt. A letter would be better, I believe. So, I put my money where my mouth is. Today, as a result $3.39 is left over from my pen money. 

JC brought back change! When I was a girl, and Mama sent my sister and me to the store she always reminded us to "Bring back my change." Betty and I were subject to buying a at least a handful of gum balls apiece if she didn't. If we obeyed and didn't "beg" she'd let us go back for a gum ball apiece! We rewarded her with heartfelt "thank-you Mamas," and wet food-color-stained kisses! Pennies were our little girl currency. Give a child a penny today and you will have insulted them. Why are pennies always so disgusting now? Should I have given that change to JC for cup of coffee? Probably not. I gave him a check for $10.55 cents week before last, and he asked, "What am I supposed to do with a check for $10.55? I'd be too embarrassed to cash it." 

The Paper Mate SHARPWRITER No. 2 is my go to girl for printing and drawing quickies when getting out of bed in search of a pencil pouch is just too much to ask of myself. They're quite good, but why can't they be made of wood? I cannot imagine how many of the empties end up in landfills, since they're non-refillable.

Have you ever tried the Dixon Ticonderoga? Do you like it? Why? I like their smell. I bought them last year because they caught my eye among all the pencils being sold as school supplies.

Um. What's to say about a pencil no one wants to be identified with? What? Too embarrassed? Oops. What does that say about people who use a pencil with no name? Well! I can tell you without throwing shade. Or maybe not. The pencil-that-remains-nameless came as part of a package deal with a purchase. Still, just Drawing Pencil? This whole pencil thing is taking on a new life now. An episodic life of its own. Take what's coming about Ticonderoga, Wood. HB/Soft. I'd show you the eraser but that happens in a later post. Ugh. Drawing pencil? Really?

But wait! The machines are taking over! First the synths aka Paper Mate fakes, now the metals. They beat plastic hands down however. Not really, since they outsmart me after I change graphic sticks. No amount of clicking helps! JC seems to be the only one I know who's good at making them take a replacement "lead."

Now, how many of the pencils shown do you have on hand? Let me guess. The good old basic No. 2 yellow is the standard life saver, huh? Did you chew when you were a kid? Not much beat the act of gnawing on wood to relieve stress before a test, or working out a math problem you thought was gonna be hard. Then you discovered girls could do Algebra too, and you liked it! Your gnawing ceases as suddenly as it began back in grade school. *sigh* Are all your pencils No. 2s? HD? Or are you a total softie? I'm not that biased myself. Every pencil serves a purpose. They don't fight when you put them in a pouch or in a coffee mug either. They lean on each other in time of need; they share space, they roll with gravity, they come with or without eraser heads. Just erasers? They're broad, tall, skinny, fat . . . Some are even colored! You've just gotta love a pencil! 

Write on. Even in pencil!


  1. Ooh, finding a penny was like finding gold when I was younger. Remember the gumball machines. Did you have nickel winners? There is still an old coffee can with charms in it at my Mother's house. Good memories. My father sent me a lot of pencils a while back. J and K prefer the mechanical kind but not me. I have a pop-a-point or two but still like that feel of wood when I write. I remember Ticonderoga. I need to do some research and some writing. Watch your mailbox. :)

    1. I always worried that someone had lost their pennies! One day I found a handful of coins beneath the swing and Mama told me I was rich. She offered to hold my windfall but I insisted that I was capable, and fisted all that money for as long as it took my hands to cramp. I agreed to let Mama carry it home, and felt so proud when Daddy came home and I got to hear her tell how I was the luckiest girl in Georgia.

      I took my money to the front yard, dug a hole with my little yellow shovel and buried it for safe keeping. Daddy said the coins would grow a money tree. As luck would have it the boy next door watched from his window; he liked me and always mooned around like silly boys do. He used sing, "Baby gimme a kiss and hold it for a long long time," because it was the song his daddy sang to his mama because he loved her. Yuck!

      That old Billy waited until I took a nap and sneaked over and dug up all my money. That act was proof that boys were just nasty and not to be trusted. These years later I think I might owe Billy an apology. My parents could have done what I accused him of doing, seeing as how I always lost the pennies and nickels Daddy gave me.

      I don't recall nickel winners. Did they spit out shiny, silver painted plastic charms you could thread a string through and wear as a necklace? Goodness! I my mouth just filled with saliva at the memory of putting pennies in my mouth! Eweww! The food coloring on gum balls was often just as nasty. And jaw breakers, too! LOL. Yes, good memories.

      Your father loved you much to send pencils across the pond. :) I had no idea such things as pop a points existed, but Erin has some. I must go through them too. Pop a point. Such an interesting name. Wood does it for me forever.

      I'm watching my mail box. You do the same, okay?

      Thanks for reminiscing with me. I feels less ancient. :D

  2. I'm addicted to mechanical pencils and just discovered this - a holder that rotates the lead so that you don't get a bevel.
    I am also very interested in these colored leads - but have to wait for them to come back in stock.
    Happy to see the destination on that receipt :-)

    1. Oh, wow! I want one. Having to rotate leads is annoying, frustrating, and frustrates me to no end. Well, maybe that's about to change. I will search Texas Art Supply first--to get my hands on one quicker. Ordering is my second resort. Thank you!

      Let me know how the colored leads work for you.

      LOL. I forgot to conceal the destination! Here's hoping you enjoy the contents. The best things in life are still free. :D

      Be well.

  3. I like that you've been experimenting with pencils. I hope your mail all arrives safely!

    1. Thank you, ML. My pencils deserve a moment in the sun for being such good and faithful servants. So far so good, so I will continue to pencil on for a spell. You might be surprised.

  4. When I used to do drafting, I loved my good mechanicals. I do have a quickie question for you though. My special lady has decided she wants to learn to draw and she is looking for lighter vs darker lead pencils. What hardness should I be looking for? she is using an H but to dark for her eyes.

    1. Dodson, D., hey. Here's a link that might help: Might I also suggest visiting an art supply store where your special lady can actually test drive before buying? Artists use a variety of pencils, so don't be surprised if she buys a lot more than one. :) Get a good sharpener too! I hope she takes to drawing like a duck takes to eider.

      What does "too dark for her eyes" mean?

      Speaking of drafting . . . I have something to show you in an upcoming post.