Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Know Who Your Friends Are

Three letters went out, thanks to JC, but he refused to touch the package. There's always next week, and it won't be alone. I'm catching up to myself.

I bought one of Ashley Rice's calendars last year; it was earmarked for a good friend. We know who are friends are, right? I could have bought the lot but it would have been a selfish act. Other Ace Hardware shoppers deserved to share one too. I wonder if they did what I did instead.

Selfishness won out in the end.  I need to befriend me again. Too often I put myself last, neglect me, and chide myself for wanting something as simple as a calendar. I kept it for me. Yay-Hey!

I don't understand what's going on with photos from my phone--perhaps I need a new one? But, as you can see, today is National Make a Friend Day! Shucks! I haven't been beyond our back yard all day. I know! I know! I know! I'm gonna run downstairs and renew my friendship with Johnson! BRB!

It's done. We renewed our friendship. Making a friend requires time. Friendships are cultivated, and therefore cannot be made on the spot. You can make an acquaintance though, but you know who your friends are. New ones await in the wings. Or am I mistaken? 

Now, on to BHM matters. Some, especially comedians, crack on February, the shortest month in our year, for being chosen as BHM because it is the shortest month. Truth is, the founder of the holiday, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, chose the month because it is the month of presidents. Be the first to name the presidents who celebrate birthdays in the month of Love (Valentine's Day), and win something good. 

February marks the 39th year of celebrating Black History Month. Dr. Woodson is the second African American to receive a PhD in history. "Woodson documented the lives of black soldiers during World War I, solicited oral histories from surviving slaves, and uncovered rare letters and artifacts along the way. As Woodson’s professional network grew, so did his conviction that a better understanding of black history would help overcome prejudice in the United States." (JUSTOR Daily)

I'm still sucking my teeth over the Waitangi holiday. You know Google had to help me out. It revealed this: The Treaty of Waitangi was first signed on 6 February 1840, in a marquee in the grounds of James Busby's house (now known as the Treaty House) at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands by representatives acting on behalf of the British Crown and initially, more than 40 Māori chiefs. During the next seven months, copies of the treaty were carried around the country to give other chiefs the opportunity to sign.[2] The signing had the effect of securing British sovereignty over the islands of New Zealand, which was proclaimed on 21 May 1840.[3]  

Prior to 1934, most celebrations of New Zealand's founding as a colony were held on 29 January, the date on which William Hobson arrived in the Bay of Islands to issue the British proclamation of sovereignty, which had been prepared by colonial office officials in England. Hobson had no draft treaty. From the British perspective the proclamation was the key legal document, "what the treaty said was less important".[4]" (Thanks, wiki!)

Since we're allowed to voice our own opinions, I say, Live and learn, then decide for yourself." Minuet, who happens to be reading this over my shoulder, agrees. So, there.

. . . to be continued


  1. hi presidents whose bdays are in feb are as follows : Washington , Harrison , Lincoln , and Reagan . LOL I did it ...I love the glasses . I have to get new glasses sometime soon . I hope as soon as the income tax comes in ...Oh well wait and wait some more right ? I love that calendar . You should have a postcard from me by now . I hope so anyways . take care and stay well dear .

    1. You win! LOL. Congrats. Your prize will arrive before you know it. Hope you'll enjoy.

      I never have enough reading glasses. There should be a pair in every room in this house. That pair is from Barnes & Noble. I hope you get new glasses soon.

      Got your postcard yesterday. Thank you! Homemade is so cool, huh?