Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Happens Between Wishing and Writing

Here's wishing. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this lovely red Bisley that's in my sight. It'll take its rightful place before the blue and white when it comes home where it belongs.

The shelves are filling themselves. Everything will be rearranged and better organized eventually. There's still a whole lot of choosing and tossing going on. I'm lightening my load. Yes!

There should be better before and after photos but planning wasn't a priority. I just jumped right in and started doing when the urge was too strong to ignore. Notice I don't show what lurks on the periphery of the encroaching orderliness. You'd be embarrassed for me if you could see. I know this much though:  My paper trimmer is just happy to be there. The bamboo waste paper container is jealous. It's red you know.

Any advice on how to remove those black marks? They might be rubber skids. Or plastic. Thanks in advance. 

This feels like it did back when a clean plate mattered. 

This feels good because I did it between cleaning bouts. If push comes to shove it'll see the post office . . . tomorrow? Flow's little labels come in handy for small packages. Yup, less is more.

I wrote a onesie last night! The ink just happened to match the cute little flowers. The sheet is from the new book. I can see me using the entire stash during the Super Bowl. It's here you know. Right? Dang! Why didn't I make some Super Bowl L I postcards? No matter since I no longer watch football. Perhaps I should concentrate on finishing my room? I have the rest of my life to write. Right? 

I chose this postcard from Angela to be the icing on my cake today. I wanted to be out riding that bike I'll never have, in the middle of this perfect day. It feels like spring here so I spent my breaks on the patio--soaking up some sunshine!


  1. yes it feels like spring here too I just weeded and cleaned out my flower bed yesterday and was so happy because they looked so good . I love to spend time outside . I like to read out on my deck and I like the idea of pedal pushers in the middle of jan and feb . yeah !!! yep that bike eludes me too . well now you take care and I have been reading some excellent books this year and last .take care and stay well we have to have our dose of Limner .

    1. We'd be great neighbors! I pulled a few weeds but feel so guilty about yanking the ones that bloom, like henbane. I scrubbed the patio table because I planned to be out there today with a liter of tea and at least one book. Too bad it turned cold.

      Lucky you! I've read maybe three or four great books since summer. A stack awaits though. I'm not complaining. LOL.

      Be well.

  2. Brasso, powdered brass cleaner will take all kinds of stuff off a painted wall. If the paint is gloss or semi-gloss, it will de-gloss the paint. Flat paint, you might see where you scrubbed a little - but it will be much less than noticeable than the marks/scuffs. If you don't want to buy Brasso, you could try a regular powdered cleaner like Ajax or Comet. The Mr.Clean Magic Erasers also work well.

    1. Hey, Jean, and thanks! I tend to over-do spots on walls. I'm willing to try Mr. Clean. Thank you. :)