Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Too Many Irons In the Fire?

So this is what happened:  I wrote another letter last night while glue dried on the current book in progress. Nothing was planned; inspiration comes when it will, bumping and shoving for elbow room. Used to be I could write a letter, read three pages between sentences, and stir two pots on the stove while cooking dinner. Now I do creative things like spritzing a little water on a desk top surface because I need to wet an envelope flap while  I'm on the phone with my aunt. Thinking I'm so clever all the while, I flip the envelope over and guess what. Undeterred, I put the lovely little letter in the out-going-mail space on the stair rail for JC last night. Nosy J saw, investigated, and asked if I'd lost a little piece of common sense for thinking what I thought. We'll see. 

A Side Note:  I finally used my Chinese New Year stamps. Hoorah!

Now. While the envelope flap dried, I wrote an "epistolary booklet." Four pages. Both sides. Eight actual pages. The pretty pink tissue paper was leftover from a quick gift wrap in the car. It matches the plaid paper to a T. My one regret is not using a matching ink.

The little button needs cleaning as soon as it's dry but it's the perfect size. Nothing was planned, but you can bet I learned what not to do the next time.

Here's a shot of the back.

The front. Or as it is known in Studio Limner, "Le Pink Piece de Resistance." 

Sorting out dreaming dragons takes time too. I cannot bring myself to use the last sheets just yet. This guy has been hidden away since the eighties. Poor old thing.

Right on, Helen!

I'm loving on a box of rocks. You know who your friends are when they know at least one of your favorite things, and give it to you when you least expect it. These beauties are within reach in a drawer of my nightstand; they've been there since the arrived in the mail. The one wrapped in paper has sweet fossils frozen forever in time. I get a kick out of poring over each one; they never fail to fascinate. I have 12 x 12 sheets of paper covered in rocks. Someday. I've thought of a book a day" challenge, but giving in might lose the charm that comes with spontaneity. Too many irons in the fire? Ha! No. Just a little careless enthusiasm? Maybe. On to envelopes!


  1. I watched the original miracle worker with anne Bancroft and the late patty duke (we lost her talent far too soon ) what an awesome movie that was . how hard her life must have been and when I hear ppl complain these days I wonder if they could have gone through half of what she did and still be alive . well I love the rocks and all those books and paper you are on a book creating roll. well roll on my dear , roll on and have fun and be well .

    1. I've watched it many times also. Helen's autobiography was a revealing read. I think she had a better life than most would have in her situation. Her father was a man of means, and she did have Anne Sullivan with her throughout much of her life.

      Thank you. Rocking and rolling ain't half bad. :D