Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday's Post

In retrospect, I realize just how foolish "Do what makes you happy," sounds. So please, dear recipient, disregard my faux pas. Not that I think you are a simpleton or a sheeple, easily led to believe the words in a circle on an envelope! I'd never believe that; it's just . . . Well, last night it sounded like something I'd want for everyone: to do whatever it is that makes you happy. This night I see the words in a different light, and truth is, we must do whatever needs doing--whether it makes us happy or not. 

Reality is truth realized, therefore we must often do the exact opposite. Too often we must do what makes others happy, but not ourselves; then everyone has to do things that make everyone they know and  care about as unhappy as they're ever likely to be. When we do, we make ourselves unhappiest first, and dare I say, most of all? 

Now, "life is better with friends" might need examination too. Good friends, yes. Anything other than? Not so much. The friend of my enemy is not my friend either. The only way I can  have an honest enemy is if I accept one? Sheesh. Can you tell what I'm reading? Watching? Should I blame "The Blacklist?" Too much "Homeland?" I could never be a Carrie. And what will Quinn do once he learns she's only a friend . . . Never mind. I should write at least one more letter before I sleep. No-no-no. It's back to the pencil tests. No, not that pencil test! 

Write on. 

And . . . "Be kind to everybody, make art, and fight the power."
              – Colson Whitehead, winner of the 2016 National Book Award for Fiction


  1. hi love the post I'm in a slump I heard of bill paxtons death and he was one of my faves good ole southern texas boy . I will miss his acting I hope he rests easy and in peace . I too shall get over this but still has left me sad .

    1. I appreciate your commenting even though you're sad. It's okay to be sad. I'm sorry for your loss.

      Be well.