Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Room to Write

Big things have small beginnings, right? Well, it's true. I've worked on getting my studio in order for a year with an S after the R. Repaired bodies take longer to get a job done. Throw in a distracted mind and journey's end stretches beyond imagining. 

Eureka! There's the top of my drawing table! It's tilted at just the right angle for things to slide off. That'll change in due time. I am excited to have gotten so much done in January. My right side--from scalp to sole--aches like I've pulled weeds all day. I   am   sore. Scoliosis don't play. It's a good soreness though--the kind you have at the end of a good day of honest labor. 

I helped move that heavy rack from the pantry, up seventeen steps, around the stairwell, and parked it in the hall where it sat for two days. It took me that long to recover and reconnoiter. JC wanted to do things his way, which might have been easier--he is an engineer after all, but this was woman's work. I only needed him to help lift. Mind you, he resisted every step of the way, insisted it wouldn't fit through the door, said it wouldn't fit the designated space, told me I was going to hurt myself, and honestly believed I'd blocked myself into a too small space like an inexperienced painter would be expected to paint herself into a corner in a Laurel and Hardy skit. Ahem. 

I lifted that first iMac up on my own-some. I needed help with the second, and asked. My mister is over six feet tall so why should I stress, huh? I moved that heavy Epson printer. Okay, I moved the three Epson printers and the scanner. But before all that, I lifted the glass L from the Sharper Image desk I assembled some years ago. Did that all on my own-some too. But this body is less toned, less agile, and it feels more fragile with the manmade hardware inside. Nothing broke though. It just goes to show that I am woman. I told JC, "I can do this. Women push babies into the world. Surely I can push this unit upstairs and into place." *grin* And I did. 

Soon enough there'll be room to write. There's space for stationery, inks, pens and accessories, papers, ephemera, mail art and more. There'll be room to make proper books, repair and bind, draw and paint, time to do whatever I want. The way I used to. The paper trimmer's home is atop a butcher block table with wheels. It's so easy. All the fine papers and ink are housed in the map chest of drawers. Fine tuning comes later. Books need shelving. Archived mail needs storing. A body must recover first, and that starts with a hot bath, which is where I'm headed. 

Tip:  Never get rid of you desk chair before you find a replacement. 


  1. You get a gold star for the day! :) I'm doing the same thing and I hope my task goes as well as yours. My desk chair needs its leg put back on...old chairs and figity children don't go well together. I'm using an old kitchen chair, one I'm about to do a bit of upholstery work on that's how long I've been using it. First things first, though. I have to go through the last two stacks of, er, stuff, on my desktop first. I can get my chair up to the desk now and I can actually sit at my desk now too. Two very big achievements.

    1. Thank you! Your affirmation makes me grin with delight. Praise rarely comes to Limnersville so it took me quite by surprise. I, too, use a chair from the kitchen table but only for my desk. It requires two pillows yet still falls short of boosting me to the proper height necessary to prevent a sore neck. The new office chair remains covered in a corner downstairs. It's still too toxic to use, and expensive enough that I cannot bring myself to put it on the curb. Yet.

      Aha! I forgot to seek a chair at Texas Art Supply! Silly me. Thanks for jogging my brain. I'll ask JC to take me this weekend. There's still a mess to sort through and more cleaning and tossing and rearranging that needs doing. This is fun when you do it with someone else. Happy sorting to both of us! Thank you, Anna. I am with you all the way. :)

      You're a clever woman. Upholstery and charcoal maker ups your ante tenfold! :)

  2. wow you rock girl !!!! take care and good post .

    1. LOL! I appreciate you thinking so. Thank you nonetheless. Bad habits stick as securely as good ones. I learned to work from my bed before I progressed to the desk. It grew to be comfortable. I eventually abandoned my studio for a number of reasons but the time has come to return. Spring is a good time.