Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Postman Always Rings Once

"You've Got Mail!" used to give my heart wings! Good old AOL. They knew how we feel when there's mail for us, 'cos everyone likes mail. No one gives a hot hoorah for dust bunnies in a mail box. Getting a box on President's Day shot my Happy Meter's needle through the stratosphere! Good old Amazon Prime knows how to do it right. And, the postman rang on cue. Once. JC retrieved the package and redelivered the goods. Oh, happy! 

Revlon's current campaign, #LoveIn3Words had me confused. Thinking Amazon was trying to use up their overstock of Valentine's Day boxes, I saw but didn't see the hearts and words. It wasn't until an hour later, when I was ready to evict the box that I paid attention. Then it was time to go to #LoveIn3Words. Well I'll be! Simply write . . . I'm being redundant aren't I? You're quite capable of reading it for yourself. So what I'll do it this: I'll send a lovely gift to a lovely someone in my #LoveIn3Words box; they will do the same in turn, and pass it on. I've bookmarked where I need to return, but here's what I discovered:  Women's Heart Alliance. Enough said.

What another lovely way to write on.

Love your heart!

P.S.  Um, I dropped the ball again, huh? I was right. I'm still a day late and a dollar short. It was their VD campaign. *sigh* But Love never fails!


  1. Oh I just love that box just something about it I guess . Love is all around us just look at the way God loves birds because he makes them colorful and smart and they have the loveliest chirps first thing in the am especially . Yes indeed Love is all around us even on boxes . LOL

    1. I like the Love you see. :) Thank you.