Monday, February 6, 2017

If I Could . . .

If I could stop what I'm doing, I'd write to tell you all about what it is I'm doing! Since there isn't time to write about the doings over and over and over in personal letters, until I'd written to all my good pen friends, I'll share a peek while I'm on break. 

The weekend off spoiled me! I didn't work on my studio for two whole days, which threw off my work rhythm, but I made vegetable soup today. Such good soup, too. A little Chunky Monkey was dessert; Pistachio Pistachio has been my current favorite for at least two years, but now it has too many pistachios and not enough cream. Before that it was Cherry Garcia, Karamel Sutra, those peanut butter cups, Chunky Monkey, and that's all I remember after deserting Blue Bell. Way before Blue Bell it was Black Cherry from the ice cream store whose name I forget, but they have fifty-one flavors, and in between, and probably after Ben & Jerry, it was The Ice Creamery flavors. Not much beats hand packed ice cream though, except homemade, but homemade takes so long and the hard work yields so little reward. 

But anyway, I worked on a mail-related secret project, and then I drew a little Brown Girl for a Valentine's Day idea. 

I had to draw her friend, Courtney, who was Erin's best friend once upon a time when we lived on the side of a mountain in Colorado--only Courtney has red hair! Arggh! 

I put away all my markers after the Courtney fiasco. You can teach an old artist good tricks. They're getting to to be harder to find, these markers. *sigh* They're simply the best! Better than all the rest. Better than any I've ever owned.

I didn't make it to the post office after all, but there's always tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I get to work out more of the kinks in my Secret Mail Project. 

If I could, I'd give you at least one letter, these little flowers, and warm sunlight! It's time to shut down the house, and think of sleep. Goodnight.


  1. You are on a roll my dear great post again . I want to put a postcard in the mail to you since we now have several new postal people no fear of perfumy smells and God bless you . our weather has been so spring like . Bring it on I say . thanks for the pretty lil white flower pictures . take care and stay safe .

    1. LOL. I indulge in silliness as a balance between the crazy and the scary-serious business of living in a world with all the mad, verging on madness, the halfway sane, and those who just think they are.

      Have you noticed the absence of sick days in Limnersville? JC collects the mail and sticks all the smelly correspondence in a Ziplock baggie with a fair amount of baking soda. I won't read it until it loses its smell--which might be never. Yay, me! Spring is all over us.

      You're welcome. I like those little flowers.

      Be well.