Monday, February 27, 2017

Making a Point

I had to shave a lot of wood just to make a point. Pun intended. That white chunk in the upper left cut deeply, and it hurt so much. 'Twas the cruelest cut of all. Ahem. I'll show you why tomorrow, since my indoor lighting is too poor right now. 

It took a lot of wrist twisting and four tools to make my points, and to put a slant on things, but I got it done. They're not pretties, but they'll do in the end. Each sharpener had its personal pluses and minuses, but the Moleskin and the Palomino are true work horses. My Old Timer saved the day when it came to the jumbos and Old Hickory. They needed a close shave to jumpstart their graphite debuts. 

I'm tempted to tell you that this is a show-and-tell moment--that you must see just how how dedicated I am to getting my point across.  *cough, cough* You're also supposed to believe that I: 

a)  cut myself with the Oldtimer while cutting wood,
b)  shaved those pencils until my fingers bled 
c).  cut myself, and couldn't believe it happened until I actually touched the blood, or
d)  all of the above.

What truly matters is that I soldiered on.

At this point I really had to put my wrist into it! Please note the fine details. Each pencil sharpener chewed, gouged, or simply tore into the wood and graphite of the Hester & Cook pencils. The Palomino sharpener is dedicated to its own product, so while it was kinder to the Derwent and Prismacolor, the H&Cs weren't having it. The carpenter's pencil refused to make nice with the only carpenter pencil sharpener I've ever owned. I have two. Sadly, I still cannot find my orange elephant sharpener. Oh well.

Now. Look closely. Compare the Prismacolor body to the H&C bodies. BTW? Use your fine tooth comb. Do you see what I see?

The more I use that Bridge pencil the more I like it. And the jumbos are easier if you have hand/arm pain, or difficulty gripping a pencil, and especially when your bandage gets in the way. Nexcare's waterproofs make writing weird, even with a pen.

I did it, Anna. I wrote test mail in pencil, using the Derwent. Sorry for the poor photo. Again. It's meant to share a bit of irony. Discover it, be the first to tell me, and win a special pencil.

I used the Derwent again, to prove a point. Today Derwent, tomorrow Hester & Cook. 

Write a letter in pencil as you write on!


  1. oh you wicked lil woman you , I got your delightful pkg yesterday thank you so much I loved everything in it and can use all of it ...thank you . You send such lovely gifts . I'm going to send you a book but wont tell you said title . I want you to be surprised okay ? it will be sent out on March 11th . okay stay well my friend .

    1. Good! Thanks for letting me know it made it home safe and sound. Pleased to hear you can use them.

      A book? I'm surprised by every kindness sent my way. I will mark the days on my calendar. :) Thank you.

      My daughter surprised me this day. I'll show and tell asap. She's amazing too. :D

      Be well.

    2. I would not think any less of erin she comes from amazing stock you know ...amazing begets amazing .