Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Book 'em!

I no longer recall who gave me my first little handmade book, but because of it, I am securely hooked. The desire to make books was already a part of my creativity DNA by then though. I've unconsciously collected everything anyone might need to escape into bookmaking when the time arose. And here I am.

You know such papers are meant to be used for something special when you buy two sheets. Or is it a just-in-case feeling you're responding to when you do? I suppose it doesn't matter to anyone other than you, so you get busy. 

Here's a view of the back side. Ah, the Charleston!

Lady Day graces the first little jazz book. In my mind she's forever singing "Strange Fruit." I read the poem again recently and it's just as powerful as the song. Oh! The waxed paper! I have a box of it in my room, and cannot imagine living without it. It keeps pages from adhering when they are set aside to dry. Separately.

The back is worthy of any book I might make as an ode to history. 

There's fun in the middle too! The little tag tests the efficacy of my gluing skills. It'll do. 

See how smart I was? I had the presence of mind to buy embellishments although I had no idea what I'd do with my treasures. The lace at the bottom is my favorite cloth to use on fabric. So far.

This has a special place in another book. I think. 

There's enough good stuff for later. Josephine Baker is in my future. But for now, it's time to make a final decision about the content. A cover without pages does not a book make. There's just so much to choose from, and I'm enjoying each minute. Even the handmade envelope makes my mouth water! This is so much fun! 

Happy 14th day of Black History Month! Did you know England has its own BHM? Hmm. 


  1. you have been very busy I see . well take care and have fun and job well done my dear , well done .

    1. I'm hooked on making books. :) Black History Month is fun and I get great mementos from great people. I learn a lot too. History changes with time.

      Thank you. Fun is good for hypertension. LOL.

      Be well.