Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More of This, That 'n the Other

There's so much going on right now that I can barely contain my enthusiasm, so today's post will be like a bowl of Limner Soup. I promise to go easy on the exclamation marks though. Now. Let us dive right into a big bowl of LS, without a diving board, like that old fly did. No water wings either! 

I am especially fond of people who draw. I claim them as peers. Throw in an ability to write, and they're almost peerless, excluding myself, of course. Such heroes and sheroes shoot into the realm of Peerlessdom if they can draw well, write well, and possess a sense of humor that I can relate to. Here you'll find such a person:  Incidental Comics. I'm so poor at punctuation I felt I'd landed in a safe place here:  Punctuation. It's  a post I'd hug if I could. Snyder's style reminds me of Doodlemum. I wonder if they write letters? You have to visit Matt just to almost laugh yourself silly. His writing instruments make me wish they were real. *sigh*

Pencil in a date to visit CW Pencils. Hold onto your eyeballs when you see this: Emma! What's a pencil without a sharpener? Sharpeners.

Alert!!! The Pencil Perfect is published! Available in March. Like the last week in March.  *sigh* The Well-Appointed Desk flashed the alert first. Kudos! There's just so much goodness over at CW Pencils you've gotta visit, browse, and buy something. For starters I want too much, but I promise to show you what I get the day I get it. Think "Jabara Accordion Letter Set," with a heaping of "Large Sketchbook." Check out the books available. Yum. How to Sharpen a Pencil? Really? Well I'll be. I want it. Over-stimulation alert! Moving on . . .

Another penciled letter. One of three as of last night. I decided to make note of the pencil used on back of envelopes. This way I'll remember . . . What? Oh. I'm collecting data. That's it. Hopefully recipients will tell me if the graphite survived the ordeal of being mailed. Thanks in advance to everyone who does.

A different pencil deserves a different element in lieu of being able to share a view of the recipient's name and address. It's really a shame though. This pencil looks good on paper. 

So far, Derwent still rules as the pencil for letters. It writes as if there's magic in the graphite. The pencil knows it's so good it doesn't even have an eraser. How's that for personality? It's cooler than Prince Valiant's hair cut. Did you read the PV comic strip too? I read it out of desperation because there were so few alternatives for comic enthusiasts. I never figured out the storyline. The stamp deserves a new home in England, and so it goes. Tomorrow. Three cheers for the penciled letter!

Anna sent this lovely postcard from across the pond in a nod to Black Heritage month. Thank you, Anna. You always remember. That's some of the pretties plaid. 

Pen friends are often as good as "Good Ol' Charlie Brown." We all have our Lucy in life. Or are we  Lucy?  Do you have a life philosophy? Mine changes as about as often as I change my mind. 

The back of an "i Care Package." Idle hands should seldom be idle. Left to idle they commit acts such as this. I take Ambien for insomnia. You know how some people say it causes them to eat food they don't remember eating? And some say it makes them sleepwalk? Well I do things I don't recall too. Yes, I scoffed the first times I heard the claims. Now I feel like Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus. I imagine I do anyway. 

I discover things I don't remember having done/created/drawn. Really good stuff, too. Apples always disappear. Apple cores wrapped in paper towels are uncovered the next morning when the bed's made. Uneaten pints of Ben & Jerry have been discovered on my nightstand--just as often a fair share of partially eaten pints are there as well, hence very few snacks or sweets are in the house. 

It takes longer to read a really good book if I read past the initial time the Ambient kicks in, since I'm likely to forget what I read. Some days I read the same paragraphs over and over and . . . unless I re-read them during awake time. Clever journal entries with proper grammar and punctuation might easily fool someone less sharp into believing they have a twin, are possessed, or have multiple personalities, but my good doctor warned me about the eerie side-effects when she first read about the eating-while-asleep "syndrome." That would never happen to me  though, so . . . 

Well, I find money in odd places, including books I put aside with the idea of donating to our library, inside Band-Aid tins, in my sock drawer, in a coat pocket that hasn't seen my back in over a year . . . I've answered some of your letters twice. The same letter! Thanks for being too kind to rattle me by telling on me. I've taken double doses of my thyroid medication, supplements, showers and other should-not-be-taken-twice stuff. Have you ever paid the same credit card bill twice? Three times? These things happen only at night, or when the drug is still in my system the next day. 

Why expose myself now? I found this last night . . . 

. . . to be continued


  1. great post my dear . You are not alone with ambien I tried it several time and it caused me to sleep walk and my dr took me off of it . yes others have reported such issues as well . You take care and be safe .

  2. Thank you, phonelady. My sister is not an Ambien fan but I am. It's the only sleeper that works for me; it has to be CR though. Being able to outsmart insomnia far outweighs the side effects, for now. The worst that's happened so far is discovering I'd made the bed with an apple core between the sheets. The thing rolled down and wedged itself between the foot of the mattress and the footboard. Okay, there was the time I found the salt in the freezer . . . and a few other oopsies. Not remembering some things I've done until much later is disconcerting but not dangerous. Besides, an apple and night never hurts ;) But if I ever show up on your doorstep and ring the bell, please let me in.