Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Dorothy Height Delight

This Dorothy Height envelope is the day's delight, thanks to Jean here: Pushing the Envelope. Thank you! I saw it yesterday, and it made me so happy.  JC brought it home from the post office today. Such a surprise! Everything about it is just perfect. I remember very little of Dorothy while she yet lived, so it is only fitting that I try to make up for not "giving her flowers" while she yet lived. Her flamboyant hats always stole the show. Now, I remember her for her good works, and what she fought for as much as her style. 

Jean, she's looking at me! Aw, shucks! *very big grin* This is so sweet. It makes me want to say, "Hey, Dorothy!" And, so I did. I set Lady Day free, but I'm keeping Dorothy for as long as my forever lasts. Thanks again.

**** A BHM aside:  ("Give me my flowers while I yet live" is all I remember of a hymn the choir often sang--especially at funerals--at our family church. Armstrong Memorial is a church built by ex-slaves. My grandfather donated land for the church and cemetery that's also known as the campground. His cousin was the preacher. The hymn was often requested by family members for funerals--a gentle reminder to treat everyone well,and to love often while they "yet lived." Our church is still filled with Armstrong's, and their descendants, to this day. When I was still a member, the church sisters loved their big showy hats too, so I totally get Dorothy. She was "in church" every day. The sky was the steeple. The congregation was made up of her people.)