Sunday, January 29, 2017

Waiting for Glue to Dry

While waiting for the glue to dry I thought I'd compose another post for the draft folder. My arm and shoulder are too sore to play another seemingly endless episode of Midnight Mansion, and concentrating on Tom Hardy being a brute in "Taboo" is just plain hard to do. So, I cleaned the surface of my paper trimmer, picked up months of paper trims and consigned them to the recycle trash keeper, and did a load of laundry. Even I know that watched glue never dries. But when it did, this is what I'd created.

This odd enough book is 4" x 9". I have no idea what it will be used for, but everything has a purpose. Right? It lingered in my mind's eye for a long while before I tried to create it in real time. Things seldom turn out as imagined the first time. I forget to take step-by-step photographs. Demos are good.

I like this paper so much I couldn't bring myself to cut this, the second sheet for well over a year. It even feels like a keeper. The first sheet covers an older journal; leftovers became handmade envelopes. 

Placing the images just right took time. Every part is special.

The back cover has a sweet little pocket from the new Flow Book for Paper Lovers. There are three! I used paper cement instead of LINECO to glue the pocket in place.  

There's a vellum envelope in front. I imagine dried flowers from my back yard tucked inside. Seeds? A little note to accompany a drawing? A pretty little button I found! Maybe. 

Or one of these tiny secret keepers? Another Flow trio! They went all out this time. There's so much to drool over, imagine transformed or just to pass on.

My odd little book brightens my desk top, and begs for a companion. Learning on the fly while glue dries is as much fun as imagining a million and three possibilities! Listening to "Secrets of the Six Wives" and . . . 

. . . thumbing through sketches in Moleskins or backs of envelopes brings me . . .

. . . until mid-cut, I change my mind. And it all turns into something else. *sigh* 

Then again, I have no fear 'cause there's always something new wanting to be given wings. That's the kicker! 


  1. The paper you used for your book is stunning. I would have hoarded it for a long time before using it too. I have some fabric that I have just finally put the scissors too. I'll share that story in an upcoming post.

    1. A kindred spirit! I know what you mean about fabrics too. I'd show you my piece de resistance of fabrics now but I'm saving it for a future post. I look forward to your fabric post! You're good at finding the spectacular and the uniquely unique. I'm all eyes!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It's much prettier in better light but I seem to think of taking photos at night, in poor light, and after the grand moment. :)

  3. Oh my all beautiful creations . I have been watching a pbs show called mercy street and it is absolutely one of the best pbs show since downton abbey , I love it check it out sometime, take care and post on I love it .

    1. Thank you.

      I read Mercy Street but cannot seem to catch it when it's on. Do you watch Lady Mary in her new show, Good Behavior? It's quite a change from Downton Abbey. I'll try to catch Mercy Street. Thanks.

  4. Must buy new Flow for Paper Lovers. . . . You have some gorgeous creations to share, as usual.

  5. It lives up to its name so I'd endorse it if I had to. Some of the changes are subtle but inclusive. Their paper appeal ranks high no matter what. I'd like to buy the world this edition of Flow's Book for Paper Lovers and keep it company. :)

    Thank you. I appreciate your comment.