Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Whale of a Tale of a Lovely Mail Day continued

I found my other "new" bookmaking book! Try it. You'll like it. Most of the handmade are simple-easy-fun, and adaptable to any and every imagination. Skewer binding is big, Anna. I plan to use chop sticks instead when I go for it though. What I wouldn't give to make a book a day! But who has time when there's so much living needing done? Don't get me wrong. I'm willing to book a letter every chance I get. And I'll prove it.

I bought new stamps yesterday. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Chinese New Year's. The clerk suggested that I not feel bad about missing out since the new year was only one day, and it had probably passed. I tried to assure her the new year was like every new year: It had 365 days, but the man in line behind me overrode my prelude and assured her that indeed, it had not ended, because he'd been invited to a new year's party, and he would be there with bells on. Actually all he said was he planned to attend. Still and all I'll order my roosters online, and give a shout out to Charley Pride, Patty's rooster. Hey, Charley! Happy new year!

And another thing. I used to sorely dislike these little paper onesies. The letter ended before it even started. They're flimsy. They're small--too small. Then they grew on me. If you need to say more, simply use a piece of tracing paper or thin stationery; tracing paper is a lot like air mail stationery: it's light and unobtrusive. Speaking of which . . . I need a new roll. Of tracing paper. Do you add extra postage to a onesie in case it has to be hand canceled? This one has extra postage because it's a little overweight. Ahem.

That cute onesie was the perfect segue to this. Yes! The new FLOW BOOK FOR PAPER LOVERS. I bought it yesterday after my visit to the post office. They're best sellers at B&N. Get it when you see it or forget it! My mini dream is to be there when another paper lover plucks a copy from the rack. We'll strike up a convo, grab a chai latte, and talk-talk-talk until we discover we have nothing else in common, or we'll love how we're madly alike in ways that matter. *eye roll*

That onesie? It's from an older issue of FLOW. The new are just as sweet and . . . Goodness! I almost showed my hand! I'm waiting for a glue bead to dry before I finish the day's mail fun, and thought I'd get a post in during the in between. I'll show my hand tomorrow. Relax. You'll never know if it's a flush, a full house, or a straight. Straight-jacket? 


  1. I still haven't found my notes on skewer binding, but I'm still on a mission to re-organize my writing/craft area. It's a BIG overhaul project and has been taking a long time. I have been liberating many things that I haven't used and probably never will. I remember someone saying minimalism was liberating, they were so very right!

    1. Let me know if you find them. Or not. I found the chop sticks I bought for something I don't recall, but will use them for books now. I know BIG overhaul. You'll see what I mean in my next post. My entire right side aches from moving . . . I'll show you soon. :)

      Yes. Less is more! More space and less "stuff" to dust and insure. We put so much stuff on the curb my neighbor thought we were moving. LOL. I cannot bring myself to toss the books though. Sometimes giving things away is a job in itself. I console myself by telling my conscience that the paper helps break down other trash, and that helps the Earth. *sigh* *grin*