Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Whale of a Tale of a Lovely Mail Day

Some nights Fun shoves Sleep off the bed, and that makes just enough room for Imagination to squeeze in next to Moleskine, and Limner. Pencil wants in on the fun, and when we all get together good interesting things happen. Mermaid lost her tail here but we can fix that.

Atta girl! See? Her seaweed tresses got all wrapped around that oar and we had a Dickens of a time setting things right. You should have seen it. It was quite a sight that night.

Waylon the Whale is also a part of this tale. He rescued an odd sort of boat whose water craft stalled 'cause it ran out of steam! Being the kind dude that he is, Waylon used his blow hole to keep the poor hue-man from crashing into a shoal of bream! Good Waylon blew and blew from his awesome blow hole! And up, up and away the boater flew! Relieved, good Waylon the Whale said, "Whew! That could have ended in a mess of fish stew!"

There's seldom much room in a hot air balloon when there's so much more going on in the sea water. So everyone jumped ship, and it caused quite a rift between captain and crew. Surely you see how such desertion would leave fences un-mended, since everyone left the air ship unattended! Quite kindly the deserters did holler first, "Look out below!" 

The good sailor Noah was sailing below and couldn't help hearing the ruckus. He prayed out loud to the good Lord above, "Save us, oh save us, from whatever is falling from above! We don't know anything that rhymes with ruckus, still and all will you kindly-hastily save from a watery grave those who weren't so brave, and jumped overboard to a watery grave instead? Amen in advance."

Lo and behold! Their prayers were answered. Noah and his peeps were saved! Waylon washed ashore as a metaphor, and was renamed Humphrey, who became a lovely kiln god because he was so kind as gray whales go. It's no lie. See? There he blows!

And here lies The End of the first part of "A Whale of a Tale of a Lovely Mail Day."

P.S.  I went to the post office!!!


  1. I confess Waylon has stolen my heart . my bathroom is decorated with fish and whales . I love it good post . so glad you made it to the post office .

    1. I told Erin how you feel about Waylon. She thinks you're sweet. He's her kiln god. I know 'cause I asked if she'd let me have him.

      I still have two Christmas gifts, a birthday gift, and a just because gift, and a couple of letters that need mailing. I almost forgot to renew the lease on my post office box too! Their web site makes it so hard to do it online sometimes. I made it under the wire but I've driven only once this month. I sure am happy to hear you sounding so hale and hearty. :)