Friday, January 20, 2017

A Perfect Antidote for a Stormy Day

You know how you have an idea that stays put while you work out the details only in your mind? No sketchbooks required. You haven't had time to even sketch it out so it works out in demo mode as if you had. This does not mean the thing turns out perfectly, but at the end of the evening it's good enough to wear a handmade label. And so it does. And that's what happened here. An epistolary book comes with different pages between its covers. Gotcha, didn't I? You were expecting the other one . . . the one I haven't finished. (wink and grin)

I forgot to count how many pages there are. But I used some of my best resume papers. The tactile surface is perfect every ink lover's pen of choice. Good paper is always the perfect paper.

Not even bookbinder's glue dries well when you have stormy weather every day in a week. The damp wreaks havoc on the strongest fine tissue paper no matter what yo do. Blowing on it does not work. Neither does an electric fan. If you accidentally get it on tulle you can forget about gently washing it out. You'll only succeed in ruining the sweet tissue paper you saved for five years. So, you do the best you can, and hope the recipient will call the little hiccups  perks that come with it being handmade. 

The gold ribbon embellishment works for me. That tulle is something else.

The intended recipient loves trees as much as I do. This I know for a truth. I saved this paper for at least three summers. Who knew I'd meet the perfect owner two years later?  For each thing there is a season. Life works out that way sometimes. The same scene played out before me today, yesterday, the day before, and several days before that--just outside my window. Everything is all taupe skies, brown muddy ground, and rain. The perfect antidote for stormy day? Repeat the colors in a special way. Make them match! Or out-match it, and do whatever makes you happy!

The perfect envelope color ? Orange of course! 

A label to match and . . .  my mail bag is fuller by one! I still haven't gone to the post office yet. Doing so seems to take more than a notion lately. Soon. It'll happen soon.

A postcard that bears "old" news now.

Most of my letters seem to need Weight Watcher's. They're overweight. They're older than the date written. One might be from December. Sorry. Two boxes and a package definitely are, but Christmas always keeps! Birthdays too. And you won't believe what I found!

. . . to be continued


  1. oh my goodness there is no telling with you my dear as to what you found . You know it is funny when how you start cleaning or looking for something you find stuff you had forgotten about . I love that finding something you had forgotten about LOL ...take care .

    1. That's exactly what happened! While looking for special paper, I came across something perfect. Everything happens for reasons we recognize later.

      Be well.

  2. :) I like your antidote to a series of stormy days! And those luscious orange envelopes "feel" like sunshine. :)

    1. You made me smile! Instead of being dragged down I turned to the brightest colors in my stash, and everything around me changed. Guess what. The sun came out today! Just long enough to make me feel like I'd been rewarded for being steadfast. Not much out brightens orange. :D

  3. Ok, that book is amazing!!! i love seeing it. Good job. And I love FAT envelopes -- they are the best kind.

    1. Such a compliment from you makes me want to learn how to make books even more. You're one of the best bookmakers, so thank you. You're a great teacher too.

      It's fun. Handmade is always good. :)