Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Limner Link Flash!


Here's something special for you Janeites: Who can resist a box of lovely period postcards, especially Jane Austen's? Check out the English Muse's blog. I'm willing to bet she has other gems to share. 

Oops! I'm right. Here's another:

"Another," I ask? And I answer myself, "Yes, dear self! It 'tis! Have a look-see and spread the word!" And so I am:

Do you read post comments? Sometimes I cannot help but read them. Try these. And thank the English Muse. Please.

I have a surprise of my own, too. While much cannot be revealed just now, I cannot help myself from showing you this:

A different accordion booklet. It's in my must-try column. Do you save the cardboard stock postage stamps are shipped with? They make great book cover stock. I hope to have mastered this gem by Valentine's Day.

I knew I saved cute little shopping bags for a reason. What a show-and-tell epistolary book this will be! All the little good things I hoard save were destined for grander things. Their destiny unfolds, albeit slowly. But guess what. I have an entire year minus nineteen days. Yum! 

This is just so sweet. It's on my list too, perhaps with a twist.

I look forward to venturing into this section. I've only thumbed through because I couldn't help myself or trust myself not to dive right in. My drawing table overfloweth with projects stuck mid-way between being a notion, listing in the demo stage, and being not quite ready for review. I am in my element!

(I pecked this while waiting for glue to dry.)

. . . to be continued  


  1. I have LOTS of cute shopping bags -- what are we going to do with them?

    1. I saved some of my small shopping bags from James Avery, not knowing they'd come in handy someday. Then I saw the shopping bag book. See the second photo above. It's on my list. :) We are going to . . . Wow! Now I have to find that white wine bag from Williams and Sonoma! We are gonna have some fun! Dang! :) Red or white? ;)

  2. oh my you are so talented ...I cant wait to see the finished product . take care and have a great day .

    1. You are biased and too kind. Thanks. LOL. I have to BUY books to learn how to make books. The lovely people who sent me folded books are the real talent. I simply became addicted. :D Now I do more than read books. ;) This is so much fun!