Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Magic of Christmas

I did it. I finally said, "Fear be gone!" And it went. It didn't even look back. When an idea comes and if you're paying attention magic happens, if you need it. If you act before trepidation and weak knees have a chance to cut line, you'll move so fast you can't see yourself for the dust. To make a long story an anecdote, I gave in to an impulse to make a one sheet mini pocket book. And I did it. I wish I'd taken care with my craftsmanship but I guess I didn't think it would turn out to be so fine. Yup-yup. Measures and cuts were done on the fly; I used the paper trimmer and scissors, and he ruler on my T-square because laziness came between finding a true ruler and me. I'm easily distracted too, so tunnel vision works when spur of the moment grabs hold. It's do or die. Most of my time was spent seeking the correct wording for Google's search engines. You'd be surprised to see what showed up first in the search results if you say "folded books, folded booklets, pocket books, or paper pockets." You get what you ask for. But any way, here's the video that did it for me:

See? Now wasn't that easy? 

Front and back. Pretty good for a first attempt, huh? I'm not great at following directions. Tragedy happens when you tend to be a leader . . . Obedience to good teachers often yields great results.

I found lots of Christmas goodies to tuck inside.

I'm allowed to be heavy handed with embellishments. Some of these are twelve years old! Hoarders unite! Never mind. We'd never empty our caches. The spine creaks so the paper cement might not hold. Perhaps it's overstuffed?

I had such a good time! Before I knew it there were two. Magic makes multiples of one, and giving is even more fun than worrying over what to do with all the paper and pretties you're accused of hoarding. Ah, the magic of Christmas, my friends!

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  1. I love your booklets. I must try some...once I unearth my desk. Holiday prep has taken over my life at the moment. My Christmas gift to me is going to be a day at my craft desk doing what I like best.