Friday, December 9, 2016

My Third Card of the Season

This is so cool. It's the perfect Christmas card from Colorado, and Wonder Woman made sure it got here. If you ever get to see the official state seal, please give it more than a cursory once-over. My friend Bill Perry did it. He hired me for a special job once. Me! My only reference: my female supervisor's word, and being an artist. Can you believe I worked as a fabricator once upon a time? I did my first work for Hallmark back then--cutting, and polishing, and making plastic product--not illustrating. (sigh) I didn't have time to be a starving artist. It might sound romantic but artists have to eat and pay rent too. Bill hired me though, and I became life-long friends. 

I remember nights like this in Colorado. In 1982 I was downtown, on foot, in a down jacket, a cotton tee, jeans, and leather boots that were cute but did nothing for my freezing feet, but I survived the Blizzard of '82. I slipped, slid, and fell my way through. 

Bill has a lovely granddaughter. Her name is Mary. I like to think this is how he sees her. Young Mary is one of  "The Fat Chick's" biggest fans, so you'd better believe she'll have a proper TFC card, drawn Texas style: Loud and proud to have an audience. She loves her Grandpa Bill and so do I. Snowflakes come and go, but friends stick fast forever. 

I'm off to the drawing board. Once more into the fray! Surely I can squeeze in one more card before the witching hour? 

Happy carding!

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