Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Inklings

The first snow! Made me wonder:  How many snow angels can dance on the head of a safety pin? So I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" one more time and tried to do the math. I need a cheat sheet. Clarence is still the best angel to come in from the sleet though.

Last night, before I slept, I drew a short stack of holiday postcards. Coloring is scheduled for tonight. Ooh la! Today I was determined to make a gumdrop tree but couldn't find the courage to mangle the little lemon tree that grows in a pot on the patio. I scrubbed the kitchen table, dried it well, and rubbed essence of lemon oil into the wood instead. Busy work is always better than sitting on my hands, and it saved a potential tree. I placed a bowl of lemons in the center, and inhaled deeply. It altered my mood. Now the kitchen smells positively tropical! Perhaps I should have used oil of peppermint?

This is my first Christmas card. It came today. Talk about serendipity! 

I do wish for snow. JC does the opposite. He actually asked me why. I, in turn wonder why he asks why! Can you believe we have a fireplace? A gas one at that. It's never been used--not even when it "snowed.". It's a waste of space if you ask me. Besides, who needs a fireplace in a living room in the south? Did I mention we're still using the a/c? 

So, yes indeed, the first card of the season is a very big deal. A little magic was tucked inside; with it came the year's first offering of YuleTide cheer! I like that happy Santa seal. It's such a big deal! Thank you, L.R.! It's beginning to feel like Christmas in this very wonderful life.

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