Tuesday, November 29, 2016

. . . continued

An Early Christmas . . . continued

I think I've always been fascinated by female monarchs. Growing up, I read all the romanticized stories and books about Elizabeth that I could get my hands on. She's remains a mystery to this day. It's not like anyone interviewed her back in her day, but PBS recently did a lovely show about the young Queen Bess's wardrobe. Viewers got to see what she looked like from her knickers up! All those layers of clothing and she didn't even wear undies. She didn't need them? The best parts were . . . It was all worth watching, truth be told. The dress with all those eyes and ears embroidered on the fabric was as much fun as the speculation about her virginity and the stories about her giving birth to a daughter. Was Lord Dudley her secret lover? I choose to believe she died with her virginity intact. That's more romantic than imagining she succumbed to her baser passions. Besides, how could her dresser and ladies in waiting have kept secret a royal pregnancy? Women love to gossip too much to keep their tongues still and their lips sealed! Sorry ladies.

I watched the movie about her great grandmother, Queen Victoria last night. I look forward to the new upcoming series that'll be featured Downton Abbey style on Masterpiece in 2017. No one really knows what she was really like either, but since imagination is allowed free reign when it comes to the long dead, so much so that I'm allowed to believe Victoria came again incarnated as Elizabeth I, who incarnated as Elizabeth II. What a lovely story that would make! Too Sci-Fi for you? Victoria and Albert did wonderful things for their subjects, according to the movie, that improved lives across the land. Covering furniture legs do distract from their good in the face of their hypocritical . . . People who try to curb the passions of others usually need dampening themselves. I mean, Victoria and Albert had nine children! Nine! They weren't found in cabbage patches, that's for sure, huh? All those layers of clothing were definitely not reliable methods of birth control. I shudder at the thought of having nine babes back in the day. Laudanum, y'all! Absinthe, too? Emily Blunt did a decent job in the role of Victoria but the cinematography, and watching Albert pen letters to his future wife sold me hook, line,and quill. Sorry, but looking at the photos of the real queen . . . it's easy to imagine her being super smart and not at all passionate enough to bear nine children, who married royalty spread around the rest of the royal world.

Do you ever think of poor Eva Peron?  She only wanted to be vice president. Elizabeth I is still my favorite monarch though. She was clever, intelligent, fiercely independent; a woman of the ages, and a good role model. How the weather turned the tide of war to victory still gives me goose bumps. Such is the stuff of legends. I wonder. Did Victoria ever smile in any of her portraits? I'd be upset if any artist painted my portrait and it ended up a stylized version instead of the real me because I was too plain to please the eye. Thank goodness for photography, right? The camera does not lie. America is long overdue a female at her helm. Whomever she is, she'll steer our still-young ship as righteously as . . . Well. As steadily as . . . as a loving but firm mother who has an eye on each of her too-numerous-to-count children, and their futures. You know what I mean! Elizabeth II cannot ever out-rule QEI. I do admire strong, wise, intelligent women who are not queens or princesses, but are mothers who birth future citizens, and keep their brain jobs at the same time! So thank you, dear Anna, for remembering. It's a good thing I'm not British, because if I were, I'd want young Will's baby sister, Charlotte, to grow up and become queen too. If she wanted to.

Anna, if I could do what you have done here, I'd . . . I don't know if I could part with it. You're super creative. The rich fabrics, papers, stitching, embellishments, and craftsmanship make my mouth water. The jewels are the crowning touch. I wish you could see Elizabeth's undergarments that were curated. She appears to have been tiny. Her clothing was to cry for, and she passed laws forbidding her subjects to out-dresss her. Vain? Or was that her father? Sometimes the trivia I have stored in my brain cells overlaps. Do you wonder how long it took seamstresses and embroiderers to embellish the fabrics that went into her dresses? Such lace! Have you ever sewn beads and pretties on fabric? Those poor women! How did they move? Walk? Ride a horse? Poor Elizabeth.

Those ruffs were beautiful works of art in their own right Those clothes were Kevlar of the time, too. No one could get too close for all the whale bone and fabric! This dress has to be one of my least favorites. Those bows are scary but that red hair makes up for it. I wonder if her face really was caked with ages of makeup that had to be scrubbed off after she died. I like this quote. The colors all work together to create an air of mystery and richness to this powerful woman. She did some chest bumping didn't she? Weak and feeble. Ha! Good for her. 

Your scissors skills are enviable. This is so pretty. The background is a rich tapestry that complements the young queen to a T. The ribbons enhance and repeat the designs in her beautiful jewels and attire. You have no idea how often I've pored over these images. It is said she always carried such religious books . . .

I removed the goodies. They were trapped by a bit of adhesive and needed a day of freedom, otherwise I'd tell a longer tale of the contents. But, then again, some things are meant to be enjoyed in private. Everything is so compact, yet light and delicate. I got goosebumps again when I saw the leaves. I really must find the one I drew as practice for a bit of embellishment. 

This is the perfect back for the perfect Elizabeth folded booklet. Thank you. This makes up for all the ugliness we've had to endure recently. Each time I see this I am reminded that goodness and kindness far outweigh darkness and pain. Y'all have been so nice to me. You've given me beauty that repeats itself with infinite gentleness, and a sense of peace that speaks to all that is right in our world. 


your friend

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