Thursday, September 1, 2016

You Won! Girl, You Won!!!

This awesome bag has an official owner. JC had the honor of choosing the winning postcard less than an hour ago. I just knew he'd let his fingertips affect his choice but he made me rethink my thinking. Size and texture did not matter. He did what I couldn't. And the winner is . . . 

Hanna, in Illinois. Congratulations. (grin)

This has to have been been my best give-away ever. So many lovely postcards! I can't show each one so you have to trust me when I say they're all lovely. And they are mine. Mine! All mine! 

Thanks for entering a giveaway that's so special to me. I make a point of buying handcrafted goods from organizations that help empower women around the world every chance that presents itself. Not only are theirs the hands that rock the cradles, theirs are also the hands that raise the children after they outgrow those cradles; theirs are the hands that feed a village that nurtures the sons and daughters that change the world. It is remarkable that JC even remembers the day he brought Hanna's card home. He does. That in itself is noteworthy. It's also proof that he does indeed "inspect" the postcards I get. 

So, you won, Hannah! Girl you won! Your bag is practically on its way out the door. Enjoy. 


  1. congrats hanna glad you had this giveaway . I'm sure hanna will love it . Hey I spy a postcard in there . LOL .

    1. Thank you. And thanks for entering. :) I thought I'd buy one more of the bags for a Christmas gift. They sold like hot cakes.

    2. Congrats to Hanna, and I'm glad you received a bunch of great postcards for your giveaway!

    3. Thank you. It was a fun giveaway. :D