Monday, September 5, 2016

The Limner Is In

I knew I forgot something!

I noticed more yellow going out these days. And Pamela influenced the angle Berd Woman writes from. Wow. It's that book. I'm still so much obliged. I pulled a Vermeer from a shelf. I'd give a lot to be so well schooled in the use of light and shadow. I'd probably paint my letters instead, if I were. 

Two letters went out today. A parcel was delivered, and four pieces of mail are in the out box. I'm still behind but there's always tomorrow. Slow mail is good mail. Better mail? Just plain mail? Okay. Slow mail is still mail. Besides, what's the rush? All who labor are not necessarily wage earners.

Happy Labor Day.


  1. amen all who labor are not necessarily wage earners indeed . I love those birds you draw . You are as good at birds as I am dogs LOL . I have a lot of experience to draw from pardon the pun LOL . Okay well have a wonderful day and may The Good Lord bless you and keep you in his loving hands .