Monday, September 26, 2016

. . . Outta Here!

We're gone
We packed our stuff
We closed down the house
We loaded our new home
We used a hitch
We didn't pitch a fit

We're on the road
We couldn't wait to be on the road again
We don't have a forwarding address
Saying goodbye is always such a mess
Such a wet-eyed thing to do . . .

So we turned off the lights
We buried the key
There'll be no hug-me-hards between me and you
Honest to goodness friends stick like glue
We never needed howdy dos
So I won't say "I'll be seein' you" 

Limner 'n The Fat Chick are out the door
We nailed shut the windows with a bunch of two by fours
We're gone
We're done
We're drivin' on
Into the sun.
We had fun.
Thanks, y'all!

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