Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let Us Live Well & Prosper & Write On

. . . or just work harder at being good, and prosperity will be the reward. You might want to rethink that greeting, Spock. Oh, wow! Did you know the meaning of his two fingers and a lone thumb salute? Google it! Oh, wow. Live and learn. 

I am so excited! I found the Star Trek stamps. Yes I did! Okay, okay, okay! I'm laughing so hard!!! I couldn't even get the Vulcan's quote right. It's "live long and prosper." I sure don't want to be old and prosper unless I'm well enough to enjoy my prosperity. Live too long and you'll run out of everything, including the very notion of wanting to live well in the first place. 

Never ever ever play with reflux; especially if medications on an empty stomach are involved. Four Tums dissolved on the back of my tongue helped a little. Honey gargles worked, but I had to repeat and repeat and repeat. Don't think the pain will go away on its own. It won't. The acid eats into tissue, it causes infection, the infection spreads until there's a rainbow of mucus and blood involved; then there's fluid behind both ear drums, and the infection spreads to your sinus cavity, and you cough hard enough to shoot a fur ball across a room. Those marble-size gobs of mucus look like fur balls! You'll have chills and fever, a headache, eye aches, no appetite and such sharp pain in your throat you'll pray for tonsillitis as a consolation prize. You'll get one prescription that costs $175, but ask for the generic. The other three cost only a fraction of the first one. Take all four and be thankful for health insurance. Oh, be careful with the nasal spray because it creates sores  and nosebleeds. Two of the four scripts warn of dizziness. You might not be able to tell the difference since you're already dizzy from the ear thing. And don't forget to ask the new doctor why she's giving you a prescription that has aspirin in it when your chart clearly warns that aspirin causes your tongue, mouth, face and throat to swell. But, keep this in mid:  Doctors practice medicine. Well, since they start out practicing on cadavers, think carefully. Be alert. Be your own best advocate if you don't want to become a future cadaver. Hell, I watched Frankenstein in "Penny Dreadful." You might choke Artie but you won't choke me.

And there you have it. Just for good measure:  I'm sick and tired of being sick. "The wages of sin are sickness and death." "Live long and prosper." Well, Spock is dead. I guess that leaves me to live on and stay well. It's not easy being me. But y'all sure make it easier with your good, fun, creative mail and lovely letters. I love it when you talk to me! One of the most well written letters from today made me sit up straighter and . . . 

I'll tell you the end of this tale later. Or maybe not. You have to be as weary of hearing about my challenges as I am of living them, but every difficult story has a great ending. Right? Right? Sure it does. It ain't good mail if it doesn't have a P.S., right?

All is well in Limnersville, Texas. 

Let us write on.

As sincerely as it gets,



  1. Oh boy do I know where you are coming from yep watch that sinus thing because yes that is how I got a hole in my eardrum was a sinus infection and I have so much sinus problem that I did not even realize I had the infection to begin with which started the whole ball rolling . I have just started feeling well in my ear yesterday . It seems as though everything is drying up ...or so I hope . seems like we are the get sick together sisters , sorry bad pun I know . But hey at least we can laugh about it and laughter is the best medicine or so they all say . I have to wonder about that one though LOL well and get well soon .

    1. I will if you will. :D

      I'm over my limit for the year so it has to be all downhill from here. :)

  2. I ordered these stamps from the USPS, but the large envelope got caught in a machine and macerated! The post office (somewhere) re-packaged the destroyed envelope and sent it on to me. Some of the stamps were destroyed, the rest just wrinkled. Took the whole thing to my local P.O. and received a replacement sheet. :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. You gotta give them credit for following protocol. It's a shame you had to go to the trouble of going into a physical store to have the problem remedied. Had they done the right thing and simply sent you new stamps the Send It Anyway Department would have shut down.

      Thank you. I sleep a lot and feel better every time I wake up. :)

  3. I bought a Star Trek Voyager pin to wear on my turtle neck shirts. That was my Trekker (fyi, that's the correct term, not Trekkie) "uniform". One of the biggest disappointments in my life occurred when I put on my communicator pin and tried to activate it. No deedle-eet sound. Sad face.

    1. LOL! Now THAT'S funny no matter how bad you might feel. :D Thank you.