Thursday, August 18, 2016

Winding Down while Catching Up

pole vault

The best part of being in bed this time around is . . . getting rain everyday. Rain means it's cooler inside, and the sound of rain drops hitting the roof and windows is a soothing lullaby; thunder boomers wake me up just in time to see Olympics records being broken. If I miss something there are always late night seconds.  

I found an old letter from December I think. So I dressed it up with a bunch of stamps. Do you ever find forgotten/temporarily lost letters? Actually I found two. Old mail is better than no mail, is what I believe.

I know I'm getting better when boredom stirs me. Reading my first "Harry Potter"does not stop the restless foot shaking; "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"is too sad, and my hands shake too much to write legible letters (forgive me Anna), so I take up pencil and pad instead. Shaky lines in ink drawings are forgivable. Right? I can't stand the excitement! I do get to draw a bunch of envelopes for future letters. Ta-da! 

Olympic records getting broken make me crazy. Pole vaulting always makes my heart pound. You have to want to fly to be a vaulter. You have to be a little bit nuts to hurdle; one has to "hurl" first. Get it? (grin) Relays make my pulse do a delay. You've heard people say "write it out" when your feelings overwhelm you? Well, I'm "drawing" out my Olympics nerves. My first drawing was for volleyball. Whew! Gymnastics I did for sure. I gave up on cycling. We know why, right? Or maybe not. Do-overs are fair. I really must hurry though since the Olympics are winding down, and I'll be up and running again soon. 

See? I found some good in being down. So many drawings. So little time. Then it's time to answer mail. 

Here's hoping you're enjoying the Games too. 

Be well.


  1. hi there glad to see you are on the mend my dear . Please know that prayers go out for you everyday from my end .I hope you are up and running soon and I hope you enjoy what I sent you and the ups man should have made a visit to your house already if not then soon . I did not want any kind of scent on it so I sent it ups . I do hope you enjoy it .May God watch over you and yours .

  2. Thank you, lady. In the words of James Brown, " feel good." I sat in the sunshine today. Yea! No rain, just lovely light.

    Thank you again! Your lovely gift came. I'll tell you about it. I appreciate your thoughtful care to avoid scents. I have unopened mail that taunts me because I cannot open it.

    Be well.