Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sleepy Head & a Life Saving Med

Hey. How's your day? We got more rain. Yea! I slept like a newborn. I slept until 5:03 PM. Remember I told you I was tired? It took longer for my heart to slow down, so I . . . I forget what I did! It'll come to me in a few minutes. I feel wrung out but it'll pass. It's hard to believe I've been awake for just a little over four hours though. When I saw the time I thought it was 5 AM. (grin) Panic flung back the covers. My body couldn't follow. You know I turned on the television to double check the time to be sure. Yep, it was that late; it looked like a dark morning because rain clouds blocked out the light. So I said to myself, "So what? It's okay. See who won more gold." And I did. 

JC thought I'd died in my sleep, poor thing. Simon and Minuet did to, if cats think such things. I read news and my heart skipped. I've carried Epi-pens since the 80s. They're the second line of defense for people with life-threatening allergies. I'll share this and move on.

"EpiPens save lives when severe allergic reactions occur, but rising costs of the most commonly used epinephrine injectors are leaving many families broke, while others are opting to risk suffering a life-threatening attack by simply not buying them.

CBS News reported that in 2009 pharmacies paid about $100 for a two-pack of EpiPens, but today that same package costs more than $600. "Within the last two months, we've had about three patients who had issues with the price of an EpiPen,” pharmacist Leon Tarasenko, president at Pasteur Pharmacy in New York City, told CBS. “They did not receive it. They just refused to take it.” ' (Fox News)

So, thanks for not making me sick in the future. We have to toss the pens after they expire. Who has $600 to throw away? I'd rather buy stamps.

Does this look familiar? Anna! Thanks for giving me such a beautiful goal. I'll do my own proper tea when the time is right.

 I'm determined to see this down time as a luxury, so I took a stack of my favorite magazines I've not done justice to bed with me. This is for Anna. 

This is from my young friend, James. I admire his printing. 

He wrote a thank-you card for a gift. I dream of drawing a dragon some day. It's the one fantasy creature I'm not very good at drawing. It's like my bird on a bike. Someday though. Someday.

A little while ago I bought three of these. I think I gave one to Alex; I gave one to James, and I kept one for myself. I never know for sure if a gift is age appropriate, so I cross my fingers and go for it when I'm brave enough. I still draw my own robots. No one can say they're not right since they're your own creations. 

I never opened the Robobox package to check the contents before today. Wow. I'm glad I did. The templates are cool. No two robots will ever be the same.

Neat tools, huh?

James has to be my number one young male pen friend. I never thought of drawing a robot army! Now I want to do just that. Or should I give the last box to another young artist? If I keep it for myself I can draw so-o-o many robots . . . My own army! Shucks, this is hard.

What if mine aren't quite as good as James'? No matter. His just plain cool. Thanks, James. 

I wrote a letter last night. No mail out. I slept through the mail run. It usually takes three days to overcome an episode; that's just more leisure time, right? Thanks for being kind and considerate. And don't be thrown by mail with late dates. It's not the post office's fault.

Be well.


  1. well glad to see you have found a light hearted ness in the illness . Yes I carry an epi pen too ever since I had a chemical warfare attack in the olive garden and had to be taken out by a gurney and emts everywhere Oh my talk about embarrassment . But anyways I can no longer go into an olive garden because they use horrible stuff to clean their carpet . it is okay though I don't like their food much my Italian is much better for sure . My dear I did go off there for a minute well you take care and stay safe and for god sake stay away from scented mail and sick people . LOL Love you and take care .

  2. Thank you, good woman. There's lightness in everything, sometimes we have to seek it while it leaps out at other moments. :)

    What you described happened to me at work the first time. I thought I was dying, and I was. Luckily it happened at the clinic I worked at. My co-workers saved my life.

    Stay well.

    hearts and hugs!