Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag!

Mama's got another brand new bag (pause) . . . and it's straight out of Africa! (grin) I really should search the tags on all my bags, just to see where home is. I've got Italian, Indian . . . um . . . (whisper) Chinese, Mexican, (holler) American, and homemade, just to name a handful. And, as the saying goes, "Old bags don't die, they just retire." Thus sayeth I. 

Throwbacks are always fun. I didn't have to flip my wrist too far back to throw this baby back to the forefront. I simply had to pick it up off the chair arm because you see, it's packed and ready for the post office. We've spent a fair amount of time out and about the last two weeks, so JC, my personal assistant of sorts, gave me permission to enjoy a full day off. The post office will be there tomorrow. 

I bought this Penguin Publisher's book bag for obvious reasons. The fabric is fabulous. It's sturdy, well made, fun, and durable. It's the perfect background for the Postal Pig Misty gave me a few years back. I finally filled it. No, I didn't keep count of my coin. The pale pink oinker just gobbled down every cent, and wouldn't give up the little message inside. I'd do a jelly bean jar count contest but I don't want to give away any of my hoarded coins in case someone won. Besides, some are valuable keepers. Wheaties? You bet! Thank you, Misty.

"Life in every stitch," indeed. Examination  reveals the proof in the pudding. Graphic designers see with all their eyes, including the ones in the back of their heads. I like labels as much as I do ads. Tags have tales to tell, so please read them. You'll be surprised. I promise. 

Asante? The Asante or Ashanti people are in West Africa. I've had three DNA tests done to help me discover my genetic make-up. Talk about surprised! In the end the test reinforced my natural inclination to embrace people from every culture. Instinct is a better word. My family has DNA from almost every "color" on the planet. There's black, brown, red, beige, white . . . Maybe that explains why I am crazy for ethnic bags? (grin) 

I wish I knew how much of the money from Life Bag goes to the women who make them. They should get the lion's share because women are the heart and glue of families. I couldn't say that without checking facts, so here comes the "proof in the bag" pudding:

How many people in Kenya does the LIFE Line support?

27 Malaika Mums
400+ Maasai Mums
1 Manager (Liz)
1 Operations Director (Jess)
22 employees at Leather Works
75+ employees at Color Creations
100+ employees at Sunflag
5 caretakers for students at Malaika Kids school
81 children of Malaika Mums
1800+ estimated kids & grandkids of Maasai Mums
Total individuals supported by the LIFE Line = 2,514+

Wow, huh? I saw these just before the checkout in WFM yesterday. The graphics, I love graphics, caught my eye. I had to touch them. When I did I knew I had to have one. 

Everything on this bag is perfect. I wish I knew who did the graphics! They're simple, easy to read, and powerful. The story-in-a-drawing sold me.

Cool, huh?

They got me, coming and going! Cute. So . . . I bought two bags. One for me. One for you. And, both, for Life Line Mums. Mums really are a family's life line. Of you want it, you can have it. Simply send me a postcard with the words Life Line on front. No purchase necessary. The deadline is September One. JC will pick the winner, blindfolded, by sticking his hand in a bag of copperheads mixed with your cards, and yanking out a postcard. The winner will be announced September Two. By the way. Why are there so few give-aways lately? Hmm. Are people tired of winning free stuff? I might give away two bags if they're still available when I go in for my third and final injection. "One never knows, do one?" said Fats Waller. Either way, this mama's got a brand new bag! Want one? 


  1. wow you are awesome ...kudos to you for buying those bags...

  2. Um, thanks, but awesome women did all the work.:) I saw the elephant and had to have the bag. It wasn't until last night that I saw all the important details. :) The good in those bags went beyond the cool graphics. Thanks for the kudos though.

  3. Very cool bag.

    I was so disappointed to get my DNA results--100% Northern and Western European. Sigh. My husband's results were like yours.

  4. Oh, wow. Don't be disappointed. You added some strong genes to Maya's DNA. :)

    I pore over the maps and info about the regions my ancestors migrated from. When my relatives spoke of having "Indian" blood they had no idea they were talking about Eastern India and native American. They knew where the flaming red hair came from though, while I never imagined the source at all until after I began our family history. It's hard to be a bigot when you've had your DNA done. LOL.

    Glad you like the bag! I like mine so much I haven't used it. :)