Sunday, August 14, 2016

Between-Events Mail

I'm crazing on these Flow letter-in-a-envelope envelopes. Penning a quickie between Olympics events is a personal best event of my own. To think that I almost gave them away! 

I caught half of the movie "Brooklyn" last night. The cinematography threw me. It's not typical vintage so it was disconcerting; having the movie be true to the book made up for it. Writing about it now, I'm reminded of Maeve Binchy. She and  Frank McCourt were my favorite modern Irish storytellers. Not much beat "Angela's Ashes" though. And Maeve had me at "Circle of Friends." It's her best, in my estimation. I love the letters between from Tony Eilis; all those letters! I could never leave a single letter unopened, never mind an entire drawer full. I tell you, a good letter can save the day, even way aross the Pond. Or was it mean Miss Kelly? That Tony was one smart fella. 

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is a title that still whisks me back to girlhood better than anything else. "Brooklyn" is almost as good even if you're not Irish. And we could all use a sister like Rose. 

There's a lovely stack of mail waiting for tomorrow, but it's back to the Olympics for now.  May your mail box overflow. I wish you happy writing. 


  1. I love the butterfly stamps as well!
    I hope you don't mind I've quoted from Oh, Write Me! on my blog posting

    1. I'm happy to read this! Thanks.

      You are probably the only person, aside from my daughter, to ever quote me, so I consider it an honor. LOL. I appreciate the nod of understanding. Empathy goes a long way with insomniacs. I watched the video. It gave me a better understanding of what my relatives with go through, while affirming the struggles of those of us who might not look ill. Thank you.

  2. oh yes I loved that movie and I love the book as well. I disliked nettles Kelly very much and I wanted to climb through the screen and hit her square in the jaw . I kid you not . Yes my anger came through on that one for sure . I know what you mean about the letter I cant even walk back from the mailbox without opening at least one letter ...LOL . well school has resumed here and I can see all the kids piling into the school as I type this . well God bless and take care .

    1. LOL! Everyone in Ireland had their own Ms Kelly. She was a sad miserable woman. I'm glad you saw the movie and enjoyed the book.

      Seems like summer only started a week ago. I couldn't wait for school to start but wanted it to end after the first month back. :) We've already had a back-to-school fatality. A child was killed in a crosswalk. The child's parent wasn't minding him. It's really quite sad.

      Be well.