Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Little Bit of this, that & the Other

Did you cry just a little too? I mean last night, during the closing ceremony. I grinned harder than I cried. It was all so emotional. You might think my Spanish is improving since I understood much of what "Mario" said. And what a shock. Who knew Mario was Japanese? I, for sure, did not. Never played Mario Bros, either, but I might. Pac Man, yes! See? We learn a lot if when we pay attention. 

Did you learn to samba? I did! I did! I think I did. My one legged version left much to be desired, but you just wait until this boot and the Evenup come off this week. I won't wear a fruit bowl on my head but I'm shake something come Friday. Did you know that fruit on Carmen Miranda's head brought Rio to the world's attention? I wonder if she ever got over being known for wearing a fruit salad. She had a lovely voice. And, like the lady sang in the rain, "Nothing lasts forever." 

The sun came out today. There's a short stack of mail ready for tomorrow. I didn't feel like looking for it when JC reminded me to leave my out-going in the out-going place last night. I was too busy mourning the end of the Games. (sigh) Knowing my heart will be in Tokyo in four years helps. The winter games come before that so looks like I'm good to go although truth, is I'm not that big on those games anymore. I fell out of love with figure skating; it melted to a mild like. Maybe I'lll write winter mail, bake bread and cookies, learn to ski or something else then. Ice fishing? Nah. Where would I find earth worms in winter? 

Today I sat on the patio with one of the books I'm enjoying. It's not new but the first chapter was so delicious it deserved to bask with me; too bad the mosquitoes were so rude. Burt's smelled better than it worked, although to be fair I didn't apply it to my skin or clothing. It was easier to give in and go back indoors. (sigh)

This is the chair I want. Lavenger's tempts me with their sinful catalogs. I'm all in with the back and arms. Not so with the saddle-like seat. I have tight hips; the manufacturer recommends "perching" and likens using this beauty to being astride a saddle. They also try to make you feel like you're missing out on something by not sitting like a perfect horsewoman. It's great for your posture. I just want a chair that's good for my body. Have you tried it? Do you recommend it? Will I write better letters if I use this?

I found a missed Christmas-in-July package. Whatever's inside I'll keep. Perhaps it'll pull me out of this post-Games slump that feels like I did after I broke up with my high school boyfriend. I wonder how many Olympians are having a difficult time adjusting to adrenaline drain, settling down to the mundane, missing practicing. Remember how it feels to be on the other side of having a dream come true? Your soul wonders what's next. What can top winning gold? Certainly not a 9 to 5 job. Here I go worrying about people I don't even know! 

Turning the page . . .

Giving always makes me feel better. I finally used another handmade envelope. One letter and this cute little lamb postcard helped for awhile. I hope the recipient likes it as much as the artist and I. Those shells are so beautiful. (sigh)

Make me happier. Don't forget to enter the bag giveaway. Send a postcard with the words Life Line on front. The more I give the better I feel. (grin)

Speaking of giving! Anna, lovely friend Anna, sent a box of my favorite tea. It's not to be had in Houston or Katy for gold or money. Talk about withdrawal? I won't open it until after the box of Taylor's is all gone. Thanks again, Anna! I enjoy looking at the box, imagining I'm there in the scene. That's me in the kitchen doing the washing up after breakfast. Can you see me waving? 

My bunting isn't finished; Alex gave me the Storm Trooper because I gave him the stamps and stickers from Jen. Jen gave me these stamps! The gift of self keeps on giving, doesn't it? Thanks again, Jen.

Did I tell you Trader Joe's gave me a free bag? I had two because I'm weak for reusable food bags I wanted two, but the cashiers gave me one because it was my first time shopping there. We pass the store every single time I go to Texas Art Supply, and didn't know it. I'll keep one but the spare is earmarked for a pen friend.

This is one of my favorite cards. I think I've seen all these pots in Target. Yep, I wanted them too. Thank you Maria! Speaking of Maria, I had four Maria pen friends! At one time too! I always said, "Ave, Maria!" when I saw mail from one of them. I have three Pam/Pamelas! My favorite bookseller is a Pam. How lucky can one me be? 

Speaking of a Pamela . . . this Pamela made the paper wallet I can't seem to get, and she made it from paper I sent from Hi Fructose. Golly-golly! Thank you Pamela One. You're rather clever-clever.

The Tree of Life. It's simply gorgeous. Thank you, Lynda! It's close to being matted and framed. It's time to add to the mail art I hang on my walls. It deserves a wall dedicated to just that. Can't you see this done in felt, stitched with sating threads and a golden needle, matted, framed and hanging? This is my kind of tree.

The Tree of Life card and a book about someone's life. How fitting, yes? I gave my friend Catherine a copy of a book I enjoyed, "Brooklyn." Thank you Catherine. It is also a movie. I caught it on HBO, and hoped my friend would enjoy it too. She had. She did. Then, she sent me this in return. I cheated and read the first parts, knowing I need to finish the three books I'm currently invested in. What's funny is I almost bought a copy of The Clancys when JC and I first saw it in B&N.  I bought my second copy of "The Color Purple" instead. Did you know it's an epistolary novel? As is Bram Stoker's "Dracula?" I often forget that. 

I watched an ant carry this perfect seed across the patio. See that sunlight? I love the sun. August is cleaning house, packing its bags, getting ready to go. Okay, it's leaving messes for us to clean up. There's weeding that needs planning, raking, prepping . . . time is slowing down around us as we wind up for a last summer urrah. By the way, when's Labor Day? 

Wow. I feel better already. Thanks for listening.

yours truly,



  1. It was my pleasure to give you that book . I knew you would like it and I have a few more I'm going to send your way as well . They are some really good books on my shelf and I need to downsize or I am going to have to buy another bookcase LOL I hear my husband groaning already LOL take care glad to see you are good my friend be well with me also .

  2. You think you have too many books? I have books stacked against walls upstairs and down, in almost every room, inside the sideboard in the dining room, in closets, my studio over runneth . . . Thanks for thinking of me though. :)

    Your husband sounds like mine. LOL.