Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Olympics Mail Arena

Let me see . . . Hmm. Who can I blame for this fine mess? What began as a face forward drawing ended up reversing itself before I had time to think it through. When inspiration comes you gather rosebuds while you may. Right off the bat I heard a whispered warning, "You're gonna get in trouble if you draw the Simone shorter than the balance beam," and I call it a balance beam with mirth. I know it's a table with long leg. The thing is, I don't enjoy tossing almost perfectly good cartoons since I decided not to be such a perfectionist. See where I tried to disguise my biggest part of the mess with my sig? Ha! And Simone's hands look like she has vitiligo; no I'm not being cruel. My brother has vitiligo. 

I'm having so much fun competing with myself to see how many envelopes I can finish before the Games are over. So you see, I don't have time for a single re-do. I have so many drawings fighting to escape my brain in search of life on paper! I got ahead of myself! There's an envelope that came before this one. Dang it! It's just . . . well, this one was so funny. It's the funniest thing to happen on my way to the Olympics Mail Arena.

Stay tuned . . . It'll all be over soon.


  1. Cartoons have always been beyond me. I don't have the right sort of brain to think them or the skill to do the original artwork required. I'm great at copying from photos, art, or life but no, cartoons require a special sort of brain. Well done, whatever yur feelings about it being a mess!

    1. I loved animation as a kid and wanted to work for Disney. :) Silly me. But I loved comic books too. I just knew I'd have my own comic book super hero some day. More than anything I wanted to draw like the masters. Then I learned their secrets but not before I learned the secret of become a great artist.

      Copying is how many great artists learn to draw. Seeing what makes a piece successful is an excellent way to learn. Anyone can draw, they simply have to be taught and practice like anyone else who is successful at what they do.

      I drew cartoons for our school newspaper and quit because I wanted to draw like a real artist. Ha! I drew cartoons on my daughter's lunch bags; they made her day. Sometimes I allow myself to be tricked by transitional anatomy. LOL.

      I hope someone will figure out the mistakes I allude to. :D It's like searching for my Waldo. LOL.

      Will you share some of your drawings? People are often better than they realize.

  2. I love all your envelopes . I hope all of us give the mail people a jolt when they see our envelopes and wonder why don't I get mail like that ? don't you think they might say that ? I would if I was a postal employee . I m so delighted you are feeling better dear take care .

  3. Thank you. You know they do. LOL. I feel almost good enough to cook dinner. :)