Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spinosaurus Mail

You'd think I know his zip code since we live next door to each other. You'd think I'd walk it over instead of bothering the mail carrier too. But Alex likes mail. See my faux dinosaur tail? Goodness! The colors are co-ordinated! More so if you squint. Don't wonder about the green "Alexis." Or why didn't I put scales on the tail? Draw what you know, right? I've never seen a dinosaur. big grin) I misspelled my own name! (super big grin) Did you notice?

Alex likes mail although probably not as much as he likes dinosaurs, but he was practically giddy when the first Highlights Magazine arrived in his mail box. It was a Christmas gift subscription from yours truly. This article about dinosaurs is in the May issue of Discover Magazine. I misplaced it. Found it yesterday. Good manners kept him from reminding me I'd promised to share the pages with him when I bought it two months ago. He whispered when he asked about it the day he came over to help me harvest muscadines. It took me until now to accidentally "find" it. 

It's hard to believe he's nine. Is he too young for such a gory photo? If he were my son I would not think twice about letting him see it. Am willing to bet his mother will check the contents of the envelope before allowing him open it on his own. 

Besides, it's all about the Spinosaurus. He's the largest, baddest, tenacious-to-the-bone dinosaur discovered so far, according to paleontologist Nizam Ibrahim. Such illustrations always puzzle me, as do these by illustrator Davide Bonadonna. 

Draw what you know, right? A great imagination builds super-duper creatures from a few bones. What if it was really a vibrant red?  Aw, so what? Right? And mail is mail. Happy mail at that. Maybe Alex will remember my enveloped bits of fun when he's my age and . . . One can only hope. So, write on.


  1. I see the camel photo there you know this is funny I have a photo almost like it ? it is put away in a photo album I will post a pic when I find it ...Now remember the angels are watching over us so we have nothing to fear , God will take care of us . If anything I am reading my bible more these days and God has drawn me so close to him moreso than ever in my life I feel such a closeness and peace now . More than I felt before . I love the dinosaurs my son when they were little about alex's age they liked em too .Well here is to good mail and peace and contentment for all of us .

    1. You have to share the photo! And the story behind it. Here's hoping you find it quicker than I find stuff. I end up finding stuff I'm not looking for and forgot I have. :)

      Erin loved dinosaurs too but she outgrew them. I'm surprised that Alex hasn't. But what do I know about the everyday life of boys? Thanks for schooling me.

      You be well now, you hear?

  2. What a wonderful letter--what a lucky little boy! One of granddaughters lives nearby, but she loves mail, too, so I try to keep her looking forward to the mail.

    I'm hoping to get a letter to you in today's mail, but admit I'm a little intimidated by your creativity. :)

    1. Oh, wow. You're a grandmother? I had to backtrack to your blog to make sure I hadn't mistaken you with someone else. No offense, okay??? :) I watched Ricky and the Flash not long ago and still debating about Streep's character in real life. Now I'm off on a tangent. Sorry.

      I like what you do with your grand! I appreciate you making me sound like a normal woman who likes it that a young boy enjoys mail. :)

      Goodness me! There's no need to be intimidated. I was born wanting to be a classically trained artist. It was draw like the masters or nothing. I drew cartoons, practiced calligraphy, painted . . . until I realized I'd never colored outside the lines. Seriously. So the last few years have been spent enjoying what comes from my mind-brain-hand connection. Some's good, a lot is okay, and the rest is just fun. I say . . . Go for it while the going's still fun! :) I earned a living as a graphic designer and I still . . . Never mind. I'm gonna send you some good mail. ;)

      Now you owe me some art, girl! :D

      Be well.