Thursday, July 21, 2016

So This Is What Happened

It's over. Tweety-five packages finally went out the door with JC. I've never been happier to set mail free. After having second thoughts I removed one package, reducing the cache by one, from twenty-six. Boy, am I glad I did. I'll tell you why on another day.

Christmas in July began with thirteen gifts. I've learned to embrace the number thirteen. Think baker's dozen. It's a lucky number if you like dough nuts. It's a day after a fortnight. There should be thirteen eggs in a dozen. Now. Try to imagine what an egg carton might look like if there were. (grin) Then again try to imagine my big grin when thirteen pieces of mail were handed over to me! For me! Yes, yes, yes, thirteen times! JC brought hime thirteen letters, notes, and postcards! Mine! All mine!               

Thirteen letters, notecards and postcards. How cool can that be?  

I cut more paper last night. Such pretty paper too. I'll need thirteen sheets. For thirteen letters. Ah, now you see.

Thirteen envelope-letters waiting to be writ. Here's hoping I run out of summer before I run out of paper fun. So, this is what happened . . . Um, is happening. Here in Limnersville. 



  1. Oh I love it Limnersville ....what an awesome name for your world for all of our wollds . I want to take the train or a bus to limnersville and stay a while . I'm sure I shall find something to blog about later on . But right now my mind is a blank for what to post on . I shall maybe later . take care and stay well .

    1. Come on down. Do stay awhile. Amtrak will get you to town. :) Limnersville is much better than Hootersville. LOL. We don't have a slow Uncle Joe down at the junction either.

      I'm sure you'll come up with something interesting for a post. There's always something to talk about. :)

  2. I do declare! I believe I see my wee box in that first photo??? You have no idea of the timing of your perfect gift...I had just set up a kitchen scale of my great grandma's and set in it a beautiful robins nest. I was thinking how it would be fun to have a pretty blue egg or two or three to put in it and then I left the new house to go back to the old house to clean and pick up mail. WOW! you can imagine my delight when I opened that little square box! Some mail is due to you and I will find some time soon to write a proper 'hello' and 'thankyou'. For now....Thankyou dear Limner....this nature lover loves her tiny bit of nature from a kindred spirit!

  3. You lit up my world! I knew you'd get the connection. Who knew you had a need though? Sometimes I get it right. I'm especially delighted at having gotten this one right. Those eggs were dear to me. Letting go of attachments is even better.

    You are very welcome. What's better than Christmas in July? Christmas in July disguised as a house-warming gift! :)

    Will you send a photo if you ever light up the night with a single one? :) Thanks.

    Enjoy as you please.