Monday, July 4, 2016

Give Us This Day Our Daily Mail

Why can't I create such mind-blowing mail art? My sole contribution is obvious, so I tell myself "clever is as clever says." The postcard is an insert from Hi Fructose or Juxtapoz. Those who can, make this stuff. Those who can't do the best they can and give credit where credit is due. I'll give you the artist's name next time. When I will have found it, since I obviously don't recall it right now. Ten pieces of written mail went out that day. The boxes did not.

Here are ten more. They'll go out in Tuesday's mail bag. But not the packages. I have more to wrap. Christmas in July takes as much preparation as Christmas in December. It's just as much fun too!

I wish I'd bought more international postage. I rather like the stamp now, but still imagine a better background. Why not stars?

Seven more to go and there will be thirteen.

With all the wrapping and writing I still had time to grab the camera this afternoon. The Canon refuses to let me master it! No matter. I get lucky enough to make me look like I know what I'm doing. 

We bought a makeshift bird bath this afternoon. I thought we'd had a mass suicide on our hands the other day when I saw birds on the ground with their wings spread like they'd been shot, and fell mid-flight. They were just cooling it. Seriously. No wonder they raid the muscadines everyday. It's seriously hot here and the water I've provided isn't enough.

Crepe myrtles are loving it. Water and heat are all they need. I took this shot for Anna. She likes crepe myrtles as much as I do. I loved/hated them when I was growing up. Their supple branches make great switches, and I seemed to need a whipping far too often.

I don't know what to tell you about this. Perhaps it speaks for itself.

This is my favorite ceiling. If I had a detached studio, the ceiling would be like this. I like the warm wood that reminds me of Japanese interiors, the femininity that softens everything else, and the red.  Goodness! The red--not the art itself--suggests cheer and camaraderie, and you get it in Texas size doses here. If you ever visit me, this is the first place I'll take you. It really is my Cheers. Even the bus staff recognize us.

I finally harvested those muscadines I've mentioned. There were far too many to leave for the birds, so the other day Alex came over and helped us fill a dish pan with sweet, succulent, grapes. Sadly enough, he cannot reach the ones on his side of the fence.

He's grown so much! Did I mention he raises turtles now? Half his inventory died--roughly, a little over thirty. It breaks my heart. He offered to give me one and offered to provide a fish tank. I had to pass. Oh. The large one is Shelly. They entertained JC and me while we snipped clusters, and Alexis told us good stories about his new venture. Seems I know how to grow just about everything, according to my nine-year-old friend. Nothing  makes me feel quite as smart as a young child. I let him harvest all the potatoes again, and he took enough figs home to share with his sisters. 

So . . .

Answer: Christmas in July, daily mail, and dealing with heat that makes my fingers swell. 

Question: What is "pretty much what I'm writing about, and how I'm spending my first week of July"?

How are your days?


  1. Ah the crepe myrtle. My first two attempts at growing them from seed have not come to anything, but I haven't given up yet! Some seeds need to rest a for a while. The first bluebells I planted came to nothing, then a year later I got the pot and thought I would plant something else and it came up with a ring of bluebells around it. Those bluebells bloomed for the first time this year.

    Alex looks pleased with his turtles and what a harvest of grapes! Our little vine has only put forth a handful of grapes so far but it's happy where we planted it so maybe next year we'll get more.

    1. Crepe myrtles say summer louder than anything else. I like how they grow all top heavy and ruffled. They're difficult to photograph close up. I hope your seeds awaken soon. I want lavender and white trees to go with the pink. These trees produce interesting shadows. The bark and leaves are beautiful also.

      Alex is indeed pleased with his surviving turtles. Of course I worry about salmonella and the ones that don't make it. Silly me, huh?

      It's hard to believe a single plant produces so much fruit. It took several years to grow up. :) Left alone, it does amazingly well without much help from me. I love such plants. The Champagne grapes did marvelous things this year. Next year will be its tie to shine.

  2. My days are good my writing and reading friend . I miss your posts fairly often . I hope your days are well . well we reached 104 yesterday , yes we set a record . Living in florida we got used to the heat and humidity . I don't find much to complain about since God has been so good to me and my family and I will leave it at that . I hope to hear from you soon . much love and prayers are being sent your way . May God watch over you and yours .

    1. Hearing you're so contented brightened my day! Thank you since every day is a good day, right?

      I believe humidity is the reason most southern women have such great skin. :)

      I sincerely appreciate your prayers. If you had a quarter for every prayer sent your way, your wallet would be fatter than Bill Gates'. LOL.

      Be well.

  3. Hello again!!! I received your uplifting postcard ("when life hands you lemons, grab the vodka and call the girls!") LOVE IT!
    you are on my radar but right now only a tiny blip on that giant circle. You see we are moving from the farm after 17 years and it has been all consuming trying to sort through a house and a barn as well as tossing, recycling, giving away and selling. Not to mention keeping up the garden and the cleaning for open houses and viewings...oh the constant cleaning!! Calgon take me away!!!.
    I sure hope you are feeling better even though the heat must be unbearable.
    Today in these parts you would think it was March. Bloody cold, grey and I will send some coolness your way. Please forgive me if you don't hear from me for a while. Oh and our postal service is on the brink of a strike! If that ain't a kick in the teeth?!! Take care dear Limner.

    1. Girl, lemons travel well, don't they? :) I enjoy your blog, even when I cannot comment. So, thank you. Moving is a major, life-altering event, no matter how often you do it. I think I moved more often than I stayed put until we moved to Katy. So far we have moved once--from one home to another. Staying put took a lot of work.

      Thank you, I feel much better. Yesterday was a good doctor's visit. Hard times make good times ten times better. Or do we simply appreciate good times more?

      I'm going to leave the back door open for that coolness. I am so glad we decided to get the new air conditioner. Winter is loved as much as summer, perhaps more, but still and all . . .

      Hold on! Will mail be forwarded if there's no strike? Should I hold off on all mail until further notice? May your move be as easy as walking and taking photographs.

      Be well.

    2. mail will be redirected in the event of strike or not. It's a service you pay for if you value your mail...which (with friends like you!) I certainly do!

    3. Good to know. You just reminded me of why I keep renewing the lease on my p.o.b.. LOL.