Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bored? Who's Bored?





It is simply not allowed. 

My Christmas in July mail campaign was meant to be my summer extravaganza, and it is. Twenty five packages wait by the door. JC already mailed the big one. Timing is everything. I need three days mail time from post to delivery. If I miss my target date . . .  

So guess who's already working on a new idea. Well, yeah. One must make hay even while it's too hot to go out. I cut out all these little heart shaped envelopes during another viewing of Transporter 2. This floral is my favorite. They'll do nicely for my next project. Just you wait and see.

I said to myself "Why not cut the letter-in-an-envelopes too, just in case?" And so I did. That way I'll have an excuse to use all those new Christmas stamps I didn't use on Christmas in July. The watermelon envelope has to be my favorite. Nothing says summer in the south quite like ice cold watermelon. But wait! I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Again. Bored? Who's bored? Okay. I've been in this house for a solid week now. Even "Ray Donovan" repeats lose their appeal after the third time. Poor Abby. Poor stupid Mickey. I'm gonna mail myself to someone soon! 

In the meantime . . . You won't believe what happened! Or will you? 


  1. You have been busy! Thanks for your comment on the 'stick stamps' postcard. (Apparently the technical term for self-adhesive stamps is 'pressure sensitive stamps' - it's amazing what you discover when you speak to the Godess Wiki.) We stopped having lickable stamps in the UK around 20 years ago so I don't suppose anyone under thirty has licked a stamp here. We're n anger of giving our ages away. On the first stamps of Great Britain the gum was called cement and was made from a mixture of potato starch, wheat starch and acacia gum. I remember making glue from flour and water when I was a child - I can't recall tasting it though!

    1. :D Boredom is a scary thing because it's totally foreign to me. Well, almost. I might be hampered but I am not hindered. Shucks. They're the same thing aren't they? You know what I mean though, right? Just as I get the value of wiki. I thank God for the Internet. There's access to free knowledge 24/7. I remember licking all the sweet glue off the backs of my mama's stamps when I was a girl but do believe we still had lickables . . . I have to Google this. BRB.

      Wow. Self-adhesive stamps first became popular here in 1994. "Photo: Customers at Post Office Square in Boston prefer no-lick stamps. (Keith Meyers/The New York Times) Graphs: ''TRENDS: No More Licking'' The U.S. Postal Service has gradually shifted from lickable postage stamps to non-lick versions." Wow. I want to do a post about it.

      My grandmother taught me how to make flour paste. It was horrible and tasted as bad as it looked. My class project was lumpy and not well adhered, but what a memory. Thank you. Now I'm really laughing! For a minute there I was feeling my age! Aren't we lucky?

      You get really cool cards.

  2. You never cease to amaze me do tell us all what happened ...I put the photos up and came up with two whole other blog posts Thank you and Thank the Good Lord because without him I'm not very good at doing things or remembering lately . This too shall pass because you see my dear I'm far too young to be losing my mind or my stamina . Well May the Good Lord watch over you and yours .

    1. I saw your photos! I thought you'd ridden a camel, girl! LOL. What a great find. I don't think I've ever had the privilege of finding someone else's pictorial life.

      You're so cool you'll never lose your mind. You might misplace a thought or three, like me, but everyone has to eventually reboot. :) You just be well.

  3. okay if you want a really good Victorian mystery I am told by a pen friend who also reads like a house a fire that "The minutes of the Lazzarus club " is an excellent read . I have not read it myself but this was just a recommendation from the pen set LOL .

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    1. I'd tell you but then I'd have to stick you with a pen. ;) What a summer you're having!