Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Advent Calendar Add-On

If this were absolutely true . . .  you'd think I'd be far better developed by now. Or, perhaps I am and don't quite realize it just yet. (grin) This is from a 12 x 12 sheet I bought way back when Archiver's was still in town. Wish I'd bought more. Some of life's greatest lessons are learned on the fly. 

I know, I know. Show. Don't tell. So here we have it. I have great plans for this hoarded sheet. Give a limner a pattern she'll try it. Give a limner enough time and she'll make it. I see many folds in my future! Folds and pockets filled with pretties. Uh huh. I'm more than just a pretty face. I do more than a poor imitation of whine too. I make stuff! Jenny, you might have created a monster!

Tired of sitting here with my chin cupped in my hand, wearing out my elbow as I stare through the window, I picked up my wits, tracked down three of my "books for paper lovers" and before I knew it cheer was writ all over my face. Thank you, FLOW.

I made five envelopes! That means I must write five letters. Soon. Later. First chance I get!

I punched six unfinished stamps from scraps for a future project. Guess who's looking ahead. I used a new blade from Kaufman Mercantile to cut away the paper nipples. A sharp blade means fewer tears.

Sharp scissors are safer. Honest. Where's a super hero band-aid when you need one? 

And I really did draw an advent calendar. It was finished at 8:41 PM. Surprisingly, it changed five minutes later! No time to color it tonight. There's always tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll write to you tomorrow! Tomorrow's not even a day away. (Sigh. Fling arms out. Grin like Annie. Exit stage left.) (Oh. And blow away eraser bits. Then exit.)


  1. Oh my goodness where do you come up with this charming and delightful wit of yours you are truly anointed in that area , I also believe you to be anointed in the art department as well . To come every day and see a post from you is such an encouragement for me indeed . I love reading your blog you are so uplifting and put a smile on my face . That flow is something else as well . How delightful . well May the Good Lord watch over you and yours much peace and calm headed your way I pray .

    1. You are a wonder. Thank you for every kind word, thought and letter. My pen friends are as unique as my blogger friends. I've read blogs since the inception of blogging. There are people who write every single day, and their words enrich me in numerous ways. I have a habit of reading two blogs before I even read the morning news. I've watched babies grow to become teens. I've suffered with parents through miscarriages, failed marriages, successful hope cooking posts that became in-the-store books. I'm disappointed when the bloggers forget to post. I worry a little. I cheer them on. Once in a great while we lose someone. (Death does not respect the Internet.) Those who don't really know any better trash the very technology that unites many of us. No, I'm not glued to my phone, iPad, or my Mac, but I like communicating with people I'm never likely to meet. And, when I am in great pain and am waiting for the pills to kick in--when insomnia, sadness, depression come calling--someone leaves a light on for me in the form of a post. That's better than the light on at a Motel 6. But I have a feeling you know what I mean.

      I get to have fun with good people. I get to debate, learn new things, share stuff . . . Most of all I get to have fun in a world where there are other people like me. Y'all do that for me. I'm an introvert who wears an extrovert pair of panties when I feel like it. See? I get to go over the top too. :)

      Thanks for reading my blog. You are my greatest supporter. :) Flow is many things. I used to wonder what I'd do with all that paper that had nothing to do with the likes of me. Well, one never knows, do one? ;)

      Thank you for asking such blessings to come my way.

  2. Busy girl! Love the envelopes--so pretty!

    1. I've given too many of them away during past episodes of cleaning madness. They seemed too small for American mail. For every thing there is a season. Well, who knew I'd be corralled? :) My life often reminds me of the movie Signs. Everything happens for a reason.

      And I'm glad you like Flow's paper too. :D