Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Short Tale About a Little Snail Mail

And I do mean short and little. So hold onto your hat. But. Let me say something else first.   I usually do, right? I'm supposed to rest for the next six weeks. Old Girl Scouts never die as long as they remember to be prepared. I learned that from hanging out with the Boy Scouts. Translation: Don't quote me on this one. However, the story behind the "rest"  business, along with a prescription for methylprednisolone came this afternoon from a new doctor. I dislike prednisone's side effects but hey . . . And another thing. Please don't think I'm a whiner, am sad, miserable, or railing against fate. I'm not. Honest. Perhaps that's why most doctors who treat me might not believe me when I say I'm unwell. Like today when the nurse for my pain level on a scale of one to five. I said four. I changed it to three because my knee pain was a four and it's worse than the other pain. I laughed when I said it. What's a body to do to look convincing? Cover myself with sackcloth and ashes? Well dang. Here's today's story. 

Do you remember when I walked three miles around the bayou? I'd bet Dodson, D. remembers. Well, pain put an end to that two years ago. Life hasn't been easy but I've had y'all to see me through the deep end of the ocean. Mail is as good as medicine! The shortest version is this: I walked into the clinic in sandals and walked out like a one-legged Frankenstein. No. I walked out looking like Frankenstein would if he put on his shoes in the dark. It'd funny enough for a cartoon. I will oblige if you stay tuned. The End.

I made this folded booklet the other day using Jenny's as a pattern. It's so pretty! Wait until you see it in all it's glory! I bought this paper way back when Archivers was still in town.

I finally finished this. No, it's not on my recommend list although it has quotable moments. I'd share three or four with you but it would mean having to get up and walk. It needs a new home. If you want a summer read let me know. It's free.

We stopped by Barnes & Noble on our way home because there's no way a body can "rest" without something new to read, or paper to piddle with. I did not buy the last several issues of Flow and almost wish I'd passed on this one too, but what's a body to do?

There's an entire story here if you read between the lines. It's the shortest short story I've ever written.

And then there's this story. JC posted mail for me yesterday. My favorite postal clerk asked about me. She recognized my mail art! Shucks! The post office is beginning to feel like Cheers 2. I'm still grinning over the story JC told about the encounter. She sent me this "hello" and signed her name. How sweet is that? Perhaps it's time to buy more cupcakes?

Be well. All is well. I'm gonna milk the next six weeks for all they're worth! (grin!)


  1. oh that is so nice to hear that the post office clerk remembered you . I bet my old post man still remembers my mail I used to send from the addy at the apts . He always used to say " I always wait to see what you have drawn today LOL , it must be fun to get mail like that " I told him yes it is because have you seen my friend limners art work on her envies ? I do the best I can do and what the Lord allows me to do you must remember that Limner . Nothing is impossible without God . again I wish for you : Bread that your home may never know hunger , salt that your life have flavor , wine that prosperity flows in your home . I sign off your dear friend the phonelady.

  2. I practically lived at the post office once upon a time. Now I'm just grateful that JC knows how much hearing from good people in return means. I've caught on to him. He offers to go even when I don't ask him too. He enjoys me getting mail as much as I do. LOL!

    Aw, shucks. Your new mail carrier will be saying the same thing before you know it. You have you own distinct style too.

    I read somewhere that the law of the angels is to do the best we can. How simple is that? :) Keep doing your best. No one can expect more. And be yourself in a world that tries to make us all fit the same peg. :) You sound like you're on top of the world. How's the view up there?

    Be well.

  3. here is my p.o. story. my husband had to take a large envelope to the main post office to have it weighed. the lady at the desk looked at the return address and said, "Oh, you must be Jean's husband." He was floored. We live in a community of about a half a million, so it's not a small town. I have sent several pretty envelopes to that particular postal worker (in care of the main post office) and she displays them under the glass at her window. I guess I need to put all my postal worker stories on my blog --- because there are more.

    1. I like your p.o. story. JC will like it too. The clerks especially liked the embellished envelopes with the awesome calligraphy. One lady told me about one envelope that awaited when I stopped to buy stamps before checking my box. Another told me she gets inspiration from my envelopes.

      Please share your stories. We need to hear them, Jean. We're in this together. :) Thank you. I'm so proud of you being showcased at the P.O.!

  4. Replies
    1. Oh my! Thank you. I'd better clean up my act and write about mail more, huh? LOL. Life is what fills letters though, right? And Texans are long winded, so there you have it. :) I'll be house boundish for the next six weeks. I'm still working on Christmas in July, but I'm plotting great mail stuff. ;)

      Be well.