Monday, July 11, 2016

A Beautiful Moment

I had a beautiful moment yesterday. I didn't know it until after a quick search yielded a discovery moment that proved to be a gold mine. 

They beautiful moment cards are from this Flow. Have you used yours? How? I remember thinking when I first saw them, "What in the world will I do with these?" Well, now I know.

So. My beautiful moment began the day I opened a gift with a note inside dated May May 16. See? It kept flowing around me until I made time to reply. I'm always behind with mail. Or is everything on time in the grand scheme of time? I still believe things happen when and where they will because they must.

A side note: This is so cool because I recently Googled the words to "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." I had no idea MJ was singing about the Force!

Recharge your batteries! See? There are no coincidences.

This is such a cool thing among a whole bunch of cool things! 

Here's hoping your mail is Happy Mail. Here's hoping good, happy, timely mail inspires you to shake off the shackles of lethargy and make happy mail in return. Then send it out into the world to make more happy mail people. 

Jenny's envelope never left my desk. I saw it everyday. Everything has been handled often, with much wonder and happiness, and it's gently worn. The folds are chock full with goodies--so much so, it would have taken a longer while to share everything had I tried. I do admire creative people, marvel at the patience and time Jenny put into this masterpiece, and am thankful. Jenny Nunn, you're a wonder. You're a teacher too. I almost duplicated your folded booklet! I measured once and cut one time too many. (grin) No matter. It might not be perfect but it's perfect for me. Thank you, Jenny.

To borrow a wonderful notion from Maze, "I wish you happy feelings! Happy feelings in the air, touching people everywhere." And, I wish you Happy Mail!


  1. and I wish happy mail for you as well . I also wish "Bread that your home never know hunger , salt , that your life may always have flavor , and wine that prosperity flows forever in your life ." this is my wish for you my friend . Have a wonderful day and night .May the good Lord watch over you and yours .

    1. Thank you, my tomato=growing sister. i never imagined finding such great pen friends when I started my mail blog. I didn't know what I was doing--and still don't but I'll probably quit the day I do, so here's to writing on.

      Thank you. Two hugs for you! :)