Sunday, June 26, 2016

There's Something About Me, But Mim's the Word!

June 26, 2016

Dear good friends,

There's something about me that I just can't figure out. Perhaps I never will, so there's no point in discussing the finer details here. I mention it now because I  can't seem to help wondering about it. Okay, and broadly hinting at what I mean.

It rained. I got wet. This gray cloud dried up all the rain like you cannot imagine. I held it to my breast, and I felt fine until I wondered if the sender meant send the card to someone I don't know well or . . . See? There's something about me . . . 

So. You know how I've been writing one letter to everyone here, instead of writing the same things too many times lately, seeing as how I cannot write as much as before--back when it used to be me simply blogging? Like now. Well, I like mim's idea so much I'm including 7 things I did today, since she wrote 6--a much better list than mine. No matter. I hope you will do the same with someone you don't know very well. Like me even. mim is clever-clever! And yes, I might be slow but I smarten up right quickly. Now here goes.

Seven things I did today:

1)  I shared this fun thing with all of y'all.

2)  I clipped this funny way back. See date. I only got it tonight. It went so far over my head I needed a butterfly net to catch it. How long did it take you

 3)  I shopped in a storm to find just the right piece for my tea party. JC drove. 

4)  I found the linen table cloth Aunty Stas gave me a couple of decades ago! I've never used it. 

5)  I shared this photo of my work space aka foot of the bed. 

6)  I made this postcard, discovered the images are meant for Valentine's Day, but what the heck. There's something about my brain . . .

7)  Out of the 15,830 photos currently saved in my iPhoto Library, I chose this one to share with you. I'm still making lemonade! My reward? Getting awesome unexpected shots like this. There's something about my brain!

See? I just shared seven somethings I did in my day. Your turn!

Sincerely sincere,



  1. 1. I played Scrabble with my Mom.
    2. I read the Great Lakes Pilot paper cover to cover and did all of the games and crosswords too.
    3. I took a train, plane, train, bus and finally one elevator ride to my apartment.
    4. Bought a beautiful graphic novel about women's right to vote history.
    5. Admired the teal green lake.
    6. Read this blog post.
    7. Made a pot of tea.

    1. Cynthia, I am crazy for Scrabble. I play it often. I play W.E.L.D.E.R. every night before I sleep. You're a good daughter.

      I Googled Great Lakes Pilot. Hmm.

      You're in motion!

      I like your list. Thanks for playing. I've written to any number of pen friends for years yet still have no idea of who they are, what they like, or do, or think, or . . . Thanks for your time. You sound like someone I'd like as a real-time friend.

  2. 1. drove for 5 hours
    2. pondered taking a break from blogging after 6 years and 4 months - never missing a day
    3. found a post card from limner when i got home
    4. wondered if it was a sign that i should figure out a way to continue with the blog and exchanges
    5. heaved a big sigh
    6. wrote the farewell post - to appear on thursday
    7. made this list - wondering if anyone who reads my blog will see the news here first.

    p.s. thanks for the postcard :-)

    1. Take a break for the summer! It might yield something new.

    2. Hug yourself!

      You're welcome.

      Blogging for the sake of having a personal platform is a major payoff for me. Seeing as how no one here pays me any mind, I consider it a blessing. ;D So many people want to be heard. Blogs are our big voice. We can have our say, share what we do, teach our specialty(s), share recipes . . . all from the comfort of home and remain anonymous, or not. I'm glad you're staying. You will want to quit again and again and stay and stay, because it has become a habit and you genuinely like your readers.

      Be well.

  3. 1. I jumped right out of bed at 4:30am when the alarm sounded.
    2. I took each of my dogs for a walk.
    3. I put together a bag of clothes for an after-work swim with friends.
    4. I actually ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
    5. I thanked my hubby for washing the car.
    6. I gathered up my best attitude and headed for work.
    7. I put in a great half day of work already.

    P.S. Thanks for the great letter in the mail! I can barely wait to write back.

    1. I missed your list! You sure get a lot done so early in the day. I have days when I'm falling asleep as you're gearing up. Wow.

  4. thanks for the letter. have responded, but the mail isn't going anywhere until tuesday. here's a good read in the mean time.

  5. You're welcome. I don't remember what I said because I wrote in a state of panic and indecision.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hope you have a safe and happy 4th.