Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lucky No. 13

June 14, 2016

Dear Friends,

It took four days to write 13 (my new lucky number) postcards. In the end I was left with an amazing sense of accomplishment that overrode a mildly sore neck! Do you tilt your head when you write? I never noticed the habit before last night. 

 It's been awhile, so the short stack was worth every cramp. Slow and steady set the pace. Common sense prevailed. No more mail marathons for me. 

One notecard and a single letter sealed the deal I made with myself. 13 + 2 = enough for now. My reward for being a rehabilitated pen friend doubles as incentive. I ordered new postage! 

I have an affinity for the planets. A secret wish that might never become a reality is my desire to own a powerful telescope. I think the Hubble telescope is one of the best inventions since twelve grain bread. My favorite poster is the one of the heavens. Erin laminated my copy for me back when she was still a college student. Thank you, Erin and Nat' Geo. 

Pluto. So much more than Mickey's long eared friend. I'm embarrassed because I was ignorant of New Horizons before now. See how detached I've been these many months? I didn't even buy the Nat' Geo nod to Pluto although I read the descriptions of the surface. Pluto will always be a planet in my heart. These stamps are out of this world!

I'm crazy for these. Four of these are tucked inside a special envelope. They're safe in a journal--proof of how powerful simplified graphic images are. I became a graphic designer because it's as close as I could get to creating simple art that spoke volumes. I just know I was a cave painter in an earlier life! 

I'm big on heritage stamps. I was never a good Methodist though. 

Just because we don't have many flowers in our flower beds this year does not mean I cannot have them on envelopes. Botanical Art. Well done. My favorite flower is the peony. Do you have one? Or two? I'm also crazy for ranunculi.

The Classic Era? 

"The elaborately designed sheet features handsome new versions of six stamps first issued in the mid-19th century. The stamps are printed using the intaglio printing method, as were the originals.

From top, left to right, the stamps featured are:

George Washington stamp, first issued in 1851 at 12 cents.  Portrait based on a painting by Gilbert Stuart. Stamp originally engraved by Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co.

Benjamin Franklin stamp, first issued in 1851 at one cent. Portrait based on a bust carved by Jean-Jacques Caffiéri. Stamp originally engraved by Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co.

Abraham Lincoln stamp, first issued in 1866 at 15 cents.  Portrait based on a photograph by Christopher Smith German. Stamp originally engraved by National Bank Note Co.

Benjamin Franklin stamp, first issued in 1861 at one cent.  Portrait based on a bust carved by Jean-Antoine Houdon. Stamp originally engraved by National Bank Note Co.

The selvage is composed of postal cancellations and script from envelopes contemporaneous with the stamps. These elements are arranged on a buff-colored background with a textured look to evoke stationery of the period. An inner border reminiscent of star-spangled patriotic bunting bears the title “CLASSICS FOREVER” at top and bottom of the sheet and the words “THE CLASSIC ERA” on each side.

Each stamp will be issued as a First-Class Mail® Forever® stamp, so they can be easily distinguished from their 19th-century counterparts. These Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price. 

Art director Antonio Alcalá designed the issuance. The selvage artwork was created by Eric Madsen."

I'm unsure of how I feel about this stamp. It's missing something. Something special. Something dynamic. Our solar system is spectacular. A postage stamp should reflect that. No matter. Let us write on.

Sincerely sincere,

Your pen friend


  1. That's a lot of stamps! I just made a haul too and now I have no $$$. I got the pretty paper cut-out stamps so you need to go back to the PO. And the National Parks.....

    1. For real! My hope is that I will use them and need more before August. :) No-o-o. I cannot go back. I had to edit my cart before I checked out the first time. I want the grapes, pears and more but my wallet cried foul. :)

  2. I love peonies they are one of my faves but the roses and I have many are my no 1 fave flower .

    1. My favorite things change as I change. Roses used to be my favorite. There's something about a particular flower that speaks to us, don't you think? I'm in love with my white roses now and in winter. They love being in b&w photos. Happy flowering!