Monday, June 20, 2016

Life Happens

June 201, 2016

Dear good friends,

Anna's tea photo! Can you hear the background chatter? The click of silver against china? The rattle of cup against saucer? You can almost taste it, yes? Ah, tea! With fine linens, yums to eat, good company to keep . . . 

I wish we could all have a tea party. We'd write notes. One page letters? A letter-writing tea perhaps? No? Just tea? Tea for we? You and me. No. No tea for me just yet. Nope. Tea for me will have to wait. 'Cause life happens when you least expect it. 

No postal run today. I woke to repairmen in the attic, in-and-out, alongside the house. The a/c's working just fine now. A water heater repair person was scheduled for tomorrow. JC cancelled the appointment from his hospital room some minutes ago. I don't even know his room number. His phone needs recharging. I can't drive so . . . It's a long story. 

 Life happens. Mila almost made it through the fence. Her hips and the force from the water hose kept her from making it through the three slats she tore and chewed her way through before I made it to the back door. Life happens. It seems to be happening fast. Too fast for me to go on dual-minded when single-minded is best. This means I'm signing off for awhile. I need to stop while I'm ahead. 

Thanks for being my friends. All is well. I just know it.

So, you be well.




  1. All is well even when things are bumpy. I will have a cup of tea and think of you today!

    1. Thank you. I believe we often need reminding. I often need reminding that we have to "practice" faith. One must practice everything before the thing becomes a habit. Then I wonder why nuns wear habits. Are they reminders . . . Are they black and white because the lesson to practice making a habit is as easy as black and white? I wish James Avery made a ring inscribed with "This too shall pass." Better yet, I need one that says, "Yes, you too!" I always expect only good in life. I forget that there is good in everything. And there really is a blessing in the storm. I appreciate the reminder. And thanks for thinking of me.

  2. I came home after being gone for about 3 weeks. I had asked a few "snail Mail bloggers" if they had "heard" from you before I glad you are back and blogging!! You have been missed!

    1. Pam! Sorry I missed your kind words. I often forget where comments go when I do a mass post. Please forgive me. And thanks for thinking of me. I enjoy your blog. Bloggers are especially good company when a body cannot sleep, needs inspiration, or to feel the pulse of the mail-sphere. :D